Letters to the Editor

Candidate Brewer cares about community

America, we are told from birth, is the land of opportunity. And indeed, opportunity abounds. No single day underscores this fundamental truth like Black Friday. Election Day is also pretty good.

True, you can’t buy plasma TVs for 50 bucks on Election Day. Nonetheless, we are presented with the opportunity to vote. In years bloated with opportunity, we might have the chance to choose from among two or more candidates for a single office.

Sometimes, though very rarely, opportunity becomes so grotesquely fat that the good people of Indiana get to choose from among several candidates, one of whom is brilliant, eminently qualified, and deeply invested in her community. That’s what you get with Brandy Brewer, who is running for Clark County Council At Large.

This kind of opportunity is especially rare. People like Brandy don’t often run for public office. She’s a public school teacher. She’s worked with special needs kids for her entire career. She’s in a PhD program. She’s a mom of two young children. She’s not running for office because it’s fun, because it pays a lot, or because she wants accolades. She’s running because she cares about her community and the people in it.

If I know the people of Southern Indiana like I think I do, they don’t like to pass up an opportunity. A month from now, we’ll dutifully stand in lines to get our TVs, our game systems, and other Christmas gadgets at shockingly low prices. Let’s make sure we’re in line for this opportunity, too. It’s an opportunity for intelligent, compassionate governance, and it’s not one we get very often.

Dan Canon, New Albany

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