Letters to the Editor

I write this letter as a concerned parent of a former CHS student. I also write this as a Jeffersonville resident who cares about the community. It pains me to write this, but I feel compelled to sound the alarm — Clarksville Community School Corporation (CCSC) has failed.

I don’t write this to “shame and blame,” instead I write this to spur a change in policy and behavior. It’s not too late to change.

CCSC, specifically Clarksville High School, started this 2020-2021 academic year with an in-person first day by splitting the class in half by last name on Aug. 6 or 7. Then, the students had live remote learning for two weeks for Aug. 10-21. There was an option to enroll in a completely virtual program through K12’s Indiana Gateway Academy. All good.

Then, on Aug 18, we were informed that the remote learning would cease and students would be expected back in the physical classroom on Aug 24. And “just as a reminder,” the online option is there for families who are not comfortable with in-person learning. Okay.

On the same day, we get the first email from K12 to have an informational session on Aug 20. My husband and I attend and discover one missing detail...they don’t offer lessons for 12th graders, but wait, they will “starting next year.“

Not okay. My son is Black and has asthma...both of which put him in the high-risk category of dying from COVID-19.

My frustration and disappointment is the negligence on the part of CCSC. No one realized that 12th graders would not have an online option? And that was okay? Even though there was a positive COVID-19 case on day one of school on Aug. 6 and cases are rising in Indiana? That was okay?

Wrong — it is downright negligent and can cost lives.

This is why the statement “Black Lives Matter” is necessary because if “All Lives” really mattered then my son would not have had this experience.

CCSC — I demand that you offer a synchronous online option for ALL students if “All Lives” truly matter. I write this less for my son’s behalf, as we have already unenrolled him from CHS and found another solution. But I write this for the other Black, Latinx, and Indigenous families. Please act now!

LaToya McClellan, Jeffersonville

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