Letters to the Editor

Council should get a grip on funds not guns

To the five Floyd County Council persons who voted “yes” on the recent pro-gun resolution:

I am disappointed in the recent vote that was put forward as an obvious political stunt by one council member. He is clearly trying to score political points for his primary election run. I have respect for the Council, but I feel that you have fallen into this political trap that serves the selfish purposes of one councilman himself.

There is an important precedent that is necessary to the efficient functioning of the County Council to “stay out of the weeds,” which is to say mind your own business. There are millions of issues that you could pass resolutions about, but if they detract from the budgetary needs of Floyd County, then they can only distract from important matters at hand. Certainly, with the forecast recession coming, it is a time to tend to these matters now, and get your “financial house” in order.

The United States Constitution is a splendid, living document that is to be admired, for sure. However, the Floyd County Council has no bearing on its form or ability to amend it. The council is simply sworn to abide by it. All matters regarding its enforcement and alteration are left to the Federal courts, the Federal legislature, and the State legislatures in reference to amendment procedures. This, then, is the reason why you should NOT be voting on issues that involve affirming/disaffirming United States constitutional matters. Anyone who says differently is either ignorant of the Constitution itself, or grand-standing for his own selfish interests.

Not even the Floyd County Commissioners, who are the proper administrative head of county government, should be voting on resolutions at the Federal level. It would only be “spinning its wheels” in a time that we need actions, and less distractions.

I DO believe that this upcoming election will be a choice between demagoguery and democracy, up and down the ballot. I intend to support and vote for those who will work to ensure democratic rights are protected for ALL people, and return our political process to a sense of normalcy.

I commend Council person Leslie Knable for taking a stand against local demagoguery, and putting the people’s business first in Floyd County. She has earned our vote this year.

Randall T. “Randy” Stumler, Floyds Knobs

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