Letters to the Editor

The commissioners voted (Sept. 1) to deny the West Willis Road rezoning application that would presumably have resulted in 141 new housing units crammed together in that quiet neighborhood. Kudos to Commissioner Tim Kamer for doing his homework rather than relying solely upon the take-my-word-for-it opinion of the developer's real estate expert (sometimes known in legal circles as a hired gun) as to what constitutes the most desirable use of the property in question.

Despite the disagreement expressed by the developer's attorney, and unlike certain other officials, our newest commissioner seems to believe that elected representation requires some actual thinking, not just blindly swallowing every statement offered by financially-motivated and biased attorneys and their "experts." It is refreshing indeed to see a public official who has not developed an allegiance to developers and is not dedicated to paving as much of Floyd County as possible. Let's hope he and other like-minded representatives continue to consider the interests of ALL county residents, and not just a select few.

Although the vote was unanimous, one can only wonder if the result would be the same if the room was not filled with irate homeowners and voters during an election season. So please pay attention folks, and not just when it's in your own back yard. An informed and involved citizenry is the best, if not only, way of keeping government honest.

Joseph Moore, Georgetown Township

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