Letters to the Editor

To the city of Jeffersonville,

I have lived in the city of Jeffersonville mostly my entire life, by choice. I have always loved living here and have always been incredibly proud to call myself a Jeffersonville resident. However, never have I been more proud of my hometown than when my father passed away last Wednesday.

My dad is Jack Hutslar. He taught at Jeffersonville High School for many years and was known by so much of the community. He was so proud to be a Hoosier and loved Indiana and Jeffersonville with all he had in him. And what I found out, is that his community loves him right back. He taught the mayor, the chief of police and most of the force, the fire chief and a good number of those heroes, too. City council members, sanitation workers, parks department employees ... you name it, he taught them.

And his impact on them became very apparent after his death. From calls, to drive-bys to gifts, to an escort out of town from both the fire and police. So much love and respect was given to a man who gave his whole life to a community that a simple thank you note to each person didn’t seem like enough. My mother in tears said it best, “I don’t even have words to thank the city and the mayor for what they’ve done.”

So Mike Moore, thank you for caring about those that care about your town and served it well. Kenny Kavanaugh, thank you for the police support and our escort out of town; he would have loved that. Chief Grant and the Jeffersonville Fire Department, thank you for caring for all of our family and being there when we needed to feel loved. Never have we been more proud of calling Jeffersonville our home. Your kindness will be remembered for years to come.

Jennifer Coward, Jeffersonville

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