Letters to the Editor

Old Clarksville washing away

How long must the citizens of old Clarksville wait until the collapse of the roadway across from the dam is addressed? The Greenway, of course, is still usable. But wasn’t the original impetus for the cycling/walking idea to emphasis Clarksville’s major role in the Lewis and Clark expedition? There had once been an informational sign at the juncture of Mill Creek and the Ohio River detailing how the expedition started at that point. The sign is long gone, and who is there to “read” it anyway? Flying cyclists? The infrequent walkers?

The talk of letting nature take its course would mean to essentially abandon “Old Historical Clarksville.” Also, it would result in the almost complete reliance of all the residents who live past Save-A-Step and the funeral home on Harrison Avenue, as their emergency exit of the area. Many will probably remember the windstorm of not too many years ago that left Harrison Avenue impassable with the fallen trees. Closure because of broken water lines is a possibility.

Apparently, the Corps of Engineers is not greatly concerned. The combination of the issues of lost National Historicity, the continued loss of Clarksville land and the reduction of an escape route to one road should merit both local and national concern.

Now there is talk of relocating the cabin. If this happens, will we also lose the boat ramp? With historic Clarksville making its way down the Ohio River, maybe the town council will take notice and lower our property taxes. SURE THEY WILL!!!

William R. Zipp, Clarksville

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