Letters to the Editor

Do what makes you feel most secure

The government, having lied so often that truth eludes them when it comes to a crisis like COVID-19. The medical field, likewise, is complicit in this mass deception, not admitting to their flatfootedness. These peddlers of balance, short on facts, are long on wind.

For instance:

Yearly the medical field develops a flu vaccine that doesn’t match the flu that has taken hold for a particular year. Their response is the vaccine made doesn’t exactly match the strain that exists. However, individuals should take the shot to be on the safe side.

With COVID-19, it’s pneumonia that kills. There is a pneumonia shot available. The medical response is that it doesn’t exactly match, therefore there is no need to take it. Double-talk.

I suggested gargle cleans the throat. The medical response is it will not help. “Honey.”

Then why wash hands? Why disinfect ourselves? My response to the medical field is that whatever an individual can do that is safe and makes him feel most secure, he should go ahead and do.

Let us not forget that we are under the government’s heel over basic freedoms. Voters will not forget this and as God is our witness there will be a change of venue in 2020.

Leroy Heil, Jeffersonville

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