Letters to the Editor

Reader disputes column point by point

Daniel Suddeath’s editorial demands response. As Fredo Cuomo says on his program: “Let’s get to it!”

1. Democrats are going to continue to have problems locally, statewide and nationally. #DefundThePolice is forever hung around their necks. Most clear-thinking Americans want more #LawAndOrder, not less. Even more amusing is the Minneapolis City Council asking for outside help with their explosion of crime since they voted to defund police.

2. Redistricting is done every 10 years after the completion of the census. Indiana was ranked #2 in fairness after the last redistricting. No need to be glum and whine about problems that do no exist.

3. The Democrats have tied themselves to the Progressive Left. Socialism is a losing proposition as a platform. Allowing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to hijack the party is a losing endeavor. Refer to point one, above. That’s why the platform of Amy McGrath was so ineffectual. McConnell used her own words against her. The beauty of videotape living on the internet is real. My own personal guess is this is Mitch’s last term and Daniel Cameron will take his seat in 6 years. But, that’s Kentucky politics and no one on this side of the Ohio River really cares. A lot of us moved here to escape the insanity of Kentucky politics.

4. The Electoral College was placed in the Constitution to give smaller communities a voice. There will never be a Constitutional Congress called to remove it, most states are not going to approve it. Stop with the whining. Only Democrats, Progressives, Marxists are calling for ending the Electoral College. Food for thought: 79 percent of all counties in America voted for Donald Trump. (I really like being a news fanatic!)

5. In no normal conversation should protests be equated to rioting. I hope to goodness most clear thinking people can see the difference. For those living under the delusion that they are the same, please read the legislation moving through the Florida legislature. Business owners will be able to shoot rioting looters to defend their business. Drivers will face no charges for driving through protesters taking their protest to streets and interstates if protesters are maimed, or worse, killed. Stay in your authorized areas of protest. Stay peaceful. It’s common sense.

6. Most Americans support pro-choice, but only to a point. My own personal belief is that there should be no abortion after the first trimester. Democrats supporting anything more is just not acceptable. Virginia’s governor saying babies born alive should be “kept comfortable” until they pass is just murder. There are a lot of people staying at the Ronald McDonald House, close to the neo-natal unit, hoping that their babies born at 24-27 weeks overcome the odds.

7. Stimulus funding should be directed at aiding the American families hurting because of COVID-19. It should not include expansion of mail-in voting, which has been an unmitigated disaster in real time. It should not include rolling back the SALT deductions, it should not include bailing out poorly run states and cities. That’s just a smattering of what is included in the Heroes Act that does nothing to address what the focus of any additional stimulus should be. I’m glad Steven Mnuchin held his ground against the Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer insanity.

8. Wind and solar are never going to replace fossil fuels. We do have the technology to make it cleaner in use. Check out photos from Beijing, China, where they are not using any clean fossil fuel technology. Good grief! And if the U.S. rejoins the Paris Accord, China gets to keep polluting while America must reduce emissions! Our air is cleaner than China’s and the EU’s. They just want our money. We just asked for a level playing field before exiting.

Another fun fact to mull over is that the quick charging stations in California along the interstates for electric cars are being powered by diesel fuel!

The divide in politics isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Let’s hope Americans take a vested interest in using all news sources available to them and think through editorials they read in their local paper. Facts and the truth are always there.

Elizabeth Madden, Georgetown

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