Letters to the Editor

I don’t think I have ever been insulted as much as I was by the N-T Editorial of November 4th. Bless their hearts, they were offering an olive branch on the heels of their typical “Orange Man Bad” editorial where they once again said that Donald Trump’s words and tone hurt their feelings. Puh-lease.

The economy is repairing itself after the COVID-19 pandemic foisted upon the World by China. The GDP increased by 33 percent in the last quarter. The United States economy is recovering faster than any other G-7 economy, by a great deal. The Obama administration was incapable of doing that in eight years after the Great Recession.

I hope that everyone can like their neighbors, regardless of who they voted for. In Indiana, it seems that the electorate wants conservative leadership. Voting totals confirm that. Kentucky, too. Hard to imagine that $90 MILLION dollars was spent trying to unseat Mitch McConnell, but the voters prevailed. Democrats nationwide lost BIGLY in down ballot races. I am hopeful that John James, a black veteran, prevails in Michigan for the GOP. We need more veterans in Congress.

No mention has been made to date about Speaker Pelosi including a national restructuring of voting procedures in the second PPP bill by the N-T. Nancy Pelosi wanted the California voting procedures taken to all states and the abolishment of Voter ID laws which were proposed in H.R. 1 in 2019 when the House regained the majority.

That’s how badly Democrats wanted to regain power and ignore States’ Rights. Didn’t we already have a Civil War over States’ Rights once over another issue? Isn’t States’ Rights why Donald Trump did not impose a national response to COVID-19, but allowed Governors to make decisions for their own constituents? How many times did he have to say the federal government would back them up and supply whatever they needed and asked for, but it was their call? Trump even invoked the Defense Production Act to manufacture PPE that was left in short supply at the federal level by the Obama administration after the Swine Flu outbreak.

The divisiveness in politics in America began when Barack Obama lamented that conservative voters “cling to their guns or their Bibles,” which he shortened to “clingers” by 2015. The partisanship in politics began when Barack Obama told GOP members of Congress that “Elections have consequences. I won.” Reaching across the aisle died that day.

On Donald Trump’s inauguration day, the Washington Post ran the headline that impeachment begins today. The country endured it, even though the Steele Dossier was found out to be opposition research funded by the DNC and Hillary Clinton. It should have never happened, but Democrats insisted and persisted. The day Democrats marched the Articles of Impeachment from the House to the Senate, Trump shut down travel from China because of COVID-19.

For the N-T to be making a “kumbaya” statement, they need to look at all their past editorials first. It’s insulting. They have already shown us who they are.

Elizabeth Madden, Georgetown

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