Letters to the Editor

With great expectations I attended the Floyd Central performance of Gypsy. I have attended many wonderful plays at various schools in Indiana. I must say that I and my party were both very disturbed with some of the content in this play. One would not expect to hear the language nor see our youth portrayed as strippers in a public school play. When our Lord’s name was being taken in vain during the second act, my party and I promptly left.

I believe it was the director that spoke before the start of the play and said they didn’t know why the ticket sales were down for the last year or so. Perhaps the lack of morals and sound judgement could be a possibility. Are the sponsors and advertisers aware of the content or like me are they trusting those in leadership to offer family friendly productions in our public schools?

I have heard many positive remarks about Floyd Central’s Theatre over the years and must say the talent was over the top in all areas. My hope is that changes will be made for the good of our youth and the community.

Michelle Ramsey


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