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Oust legislators who kept up charade

The real tragedy of the events on Wednesday afternoon in Washington, D.C., was that it was all based on a lie. Had there been real election fraud, verified by governing bodies and authenticated by the courts, massive protests would have been not only appropriate, but necessary. But this was the harvest of a carefully orchestrated untruth, the seeds of which were sown months before the first vote for November’s election was ever cast. We were told that only way this “great President” could lose was if there was massive fraud and a rigged election. This myth was then told not as the fairytale it was, but as if it were fact in order to mollify one man and his most ardent followers when the true results did not match the expectation of an election victory and a second term. It was seized upon as a legitimate narrative by certain “news outlets” whose interest has always been in trading in cash, not truth. Then, the lie was strengthened and given life by unscrupulous politicians, the motives of whom appear to have been to ride the prevailing wind of populism to hold power for its own sake.

Had this so-called “leadership” spoken within a week or two of the November election that “We may not like the results, but they are legitimate, and the voters have spoken,” this could have been avoided. Instead, at best, we heard nothing from these folks who hold the public trust to guard democracy beyond the pompous dribble that “all legal recourse and due process had to play itself out” regarding this lie. It was a smoke screen for cowardice and a lack of personal integrity for what their personal calculus showed (hopefully incorrectly) that it would ultimately keep them in office in the future. At its worst, by their silence these custodians of our sacred Constitution perpetuated the lie, which is the most diabolical sort of sedition and treason in a democracy that depends on a common understanding of truth and similarly held value to the same to survive.

That so many officeholders continued the charade and chose to amplify the prevarication in the halls of Congress when they reconvened (even after the events of that afternoon unfolded) is evidence of how sick we have become and how far from “public service” some members of our elected government have traveled. While it is unlikely that they will do so, these individuals should be shown the door by their constituents at [the] next opportunity to vote. And, for those who at the last minute, on the floors of Congress, sought to change course or finally tell the truth they have known all along, it was too little too late. Like a basketball shot that leaves a player’s hand after the buzzer sounds, it doesn’t count, regardless of how good it looked and how loud the crowd roared.

I am mad. I am heartbroken. I am worried. I have to make a difference by the agency of my voice and my vote, and I encourage you to do the same.

Bruce Barkhauer, Jeffersonville

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