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EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter was written as part of a class project for fourth-grade students of Scott Burch.

You’re walking through the store and you see someone that is not wearing a mask; is it that hard to wear a mask?

Well you’re right, people should wear masks, and social distance. Last year, 2020, we lost a horrifying 421,000 people. That is a lot of people, and still, people don’t wear masks! Little kids under the age of two shouldn’t wear cloth masks because it can be fatal.

OK, we get it you think masks are horrible. They can make your ears hurt, they can be hard to breath in, which you think wearing masks is horrible. Honestly, we do not like masks but they help the world. In my opinion, I would rather have some mask bothering me and be helping the world. Masks help by stopping the spread of respiratory droplets. Even if you do not experience symptoms you may still have the virus, so be sure to wear a mask to stop the spread of respiratory droplets and/or the spread of the virus to help others and yourself. If you enter a business without a mask, you can be sent to jail for trespassing because you are not allowed to enter without one. Even the CDC recommends you wear masks in public places especially in very crowded places where the 6 feet away from people cannot be followed.

Almost 83 percent of people wear masks, which is a lot but not enough. We want 100 percent. The seven day Covid cases is at 77,000, which is way better than one month ago. Some people don’t wear masks because they feel insecure about their well-being. They don’t want themselves to be treated well so they don’t treat others well. Some people don’t wear masks because they feel like people are trying to control what they do. Trump refused to wear a mask yet had bodyguards; he still got the coronavirus.

Even if you’re vaccinated you could still spread the virus to others but that fact is uncertain. So think of that same scenario at the beginning and imagine that person wearing a mask. It would really help a lot of people and you don’t want to get sick yourself do you? Well, if others base their beliefs off of those people you would most likely get sick.

Margot Dominik, Alec Thompson, Aaron Fitzgerald, students at Mount Tabor Elementary School, New Albany

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