Letters to the Editor

Important in the School Safety Referendum debate is to find out from the NAFC School Board how much money is currently available and utilized to attend the needs of at-risk students. How many of these potential at-risk students will have parents who will consent to mental health services and treatment? Without parental consent, no treatment can take place. How many of those families have access to mental health services through their own private insurance and do not need any taxpayer funds? To date, NAFCS has provided no statistics for property tax payers to adequately make that determination. How many counselors does the NAFC schools currently employ?

Has the NAFC School Board applied for grants or are they leaving it up to the property tax payers to fund Mr. Snyder’s mental health initiative? The Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction is not expected to present their guidelines before June 30, 2020. Seems like Mr. Snyder’s referendum initiative is putting the cart before the horse, doesn’t it? What happens to property tax payer monies not utilized during the eight year period? Are those funds returned to the property tax payers? Are they absorbed for other projects? Seems to me that a tax referendum for increasing teacher pay would have been better and more accepted, but we live in the times of the Social Warrior, don’t we? I understand mental health concerns. My son was a classmate of Brad Camm. My child received the help of a mental healthcare professional outside of school. $3.2 million is too much money for Mr. Snyder’s program.

I think the bigger BOMBSHELL here is that there is currently a bill moving through the Indiana legislature that would restrict school corporations from coming back to the property tax payers continually for more money whenever they have a need. Legislation moving through the Indiana Statehouse would restrict school corporations from asking for additional funding from property tax payers except during general election years. Gotta strike while you can, right?! The more you know...

I think only property tax payers should be able to vote in these referendums, by the way. I’m more than willing to present my property tax statement for a special vote. Proudly.

Elizabeth Madden,


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