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Residents of Simi Valley, California, recently felt tremors but it’s not an earthquake…it’s just Ronald Reagan spinning in his grave. Reagan wouldn’t recognize the Republican Party he once led: he’d be ashamed because his party of principles has become a party of nothing but grabbing power at any cost, including groveling to a malignant narcissistic who changes political parties even more often than he changes wives. They’ve surrendered any pretense of dignity or integrity to become blind cult followers of the sore loser at Mar-a-Lago. The Party of Reagan is now the Party of Ragin’.

Aside from helping the ultra-rich get richer, packing the courts and rigging elections, the Grand Obstructionist Party’s only platform is to block every initiative of the opposition party, even those having overwhelming public support such as addressing climate change, rising gun violence and affordable health care.

Their groveling to Trump may be the most embarrassing thing. Republicans who hid or fled in terror from Trump’s mob on Jan. 6 have not only recanted their outrage, they’re now trying to rewrite history and insult our intelligence by claiming the violent insurrectionists acted like normal sightseers. Incredible! Apparently, their spell-check inserted “tourists” in place of “terrorists.”

After initially calling out Trump for inciting the attack on their own Capitol, cowardly sycophants like Kevin McCarthy and Lindsey Graham quickly resumed bowing to the disgraced narcissist in Florida...crowning him the party’s new lord and master. While the GOP has consistently chosen party over country, Indiana’s Greg Pence sunk even lower when he voted to cover for the mob that sought to ‘Hang Mike Pence”…his own brother! These Trump cultists punished conservative Rep. Liz Cheney for daring to dispute Trump’s Big Lie and defend our democracy. Now they’ve even blocked a bipartisan 9/11-type commission solely to protect Trump and themselves for the upcoming elections.

Wasting four years and millions of dollars for their transparent and partisan Benghazi smears of a Democrat frontrunner was a priority…but now they want to completely ignore the MAGA riot?! Its “law and order” and “blue lives matter” unless the police are killed and injured in Trump’s name…then it’s time to forget and “move on.” Hypocrisy and unpatriotic don’t even begin to describe their disgrace.

What are the greatest threats to our democracy today: investigating the violent insurrectionist attack on our government…rising cybercrimes and white supremacist terrorism…preventing the next pandemic? Of course not! After voter suppression, their priorities are Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Suess and other fake cancel-culture “outrages.” Sadly, they know that today’s Republican voters will support them no matter how bad they get.

Joseph Moore, Georgetown Township

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