Letters to the Editor

The United States has over 40,000 confirmed cases. We have the third-highest amount in the world, behind China and Italy. We have more than half of the total cases in China. About every eight days, our confirmed cases increase by ten-fold.

Social distancing is important in breaking community transmission. However, if not coupled with public health testing and monitoring, the virus will regain traction after the mandated social community isolation ends. We can look to China, S. Korea and Singapore. These countries restrained social contact and also aggressively sought out and tested every possible person infected.

The United States must look to the experiences of other countries to gain a foothold against the virus here. Let’s take a unified response: a response that combines social distancing with aggressive testing and tracking of contacts.

The stakes right now are enormous and urgent.

The United States must adopt and support an intensive and mandated suppression campaign against this threat. This is how we may be able to cut the exponential growth, fatality rate, total number of cases, and thereby save our healthcare systems from complete collapse.

Finally, our government must do all it can to supply our healthcare system with much-needed ventilators, PPE and ramp up our ICU capacity.

Heather Swinney,

New Albany

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