Letters to the Editor

An open letter to Mayor Mike Moore

Dear Mike,

Congrats on your recent win as third term mayor. I’ve voted for you each time, and with a few exceptions I’ve been pleased with the progress Jeff has made under your leadership.

I do have questions regarding the ongoing mess that is Holmans Lane. I do not live on Holmans Lane (thankfully) but I do travel there almost daily. When you say it’s making progress and should be finished by year’s end, I’m wondering what year? It’s been about two years already and believe me it’s not progressing. Yes, there have been weather problems, utility problems and I’m sure numerous other issues, but at this rate the Ohio River Bridges Project will have taken less time to complete.

There have been many weeks when no work was done and then there have been double work time as front yards were dug up, filled in and then dug up again in exactly the same place. Many of the people that live along this road have just about lost their front yards and driveways. I guess their mail gets delivered and their garbage gets picked up, but I’m sure that’s not been easy either.

My goodness, this has been an awful inconvenience for many people and a huge expense for taxpayers. I’m wondering if a sidewalk and a turn lane is worth all of this.

— Ricki Flannery, Jeffersonville

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