Letters to the Editor

Homeless is the worst ever address. How can it not be?

I am a fortunate one who has a brain that is needed by many large corporations that pay me enough to support my family through the rough seas of life.

We all know there is a small percentage of families in our community who are at some point in their life not fortunate ones. Our community needs to build into its annual budget at least $3,000 to $6,000 a month for each of those that are homeless. This money would go toward getting our temporary unfortunate ones into a home and include what is needed for them to eat healthy meals and get them transportation to a workplace or schools.

Some of those that receive such money from our community may rip off such a program, but we cannot let those people keep us from the tremendous gift to our community for those who would benefit greatly from our helping hand.

Let’s all, as a community, become a helping hand!

— Greg Jones


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