Letter to the Editor

Council rep owes apology for slur

For those Jeffersonville residents that don’t know, the Jeffersonville City Council posts all its meetings on YouTube. For those of us who aren’t able to make the meetings on Monday, it makes it a convenient way to keep up on the goings-on in the city. This gives voters the chance to hold their elected representatives accountable.

Watching the city council meeting on April 15, 2019, Council Vice President Lisa Gill was involved in a conversation with vehicle maintenance director

about the purchase of a new truck. While discussing the estimated prices of various options, Lisa Gill says the following, starting at 1:19:33:

“Did you mention that you actually called about that truck and actually, what I call ‘Jew them down?’”

I’m appalled that anyone would still use a term like this in conversation anywhere, much less at a city council meeting. As a resident of Jeffersonville and a voter, I would ask that Councilwoman Gill apologize for her anti-Semitic language.

— Kathy Dixon


EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter has been edited to correct an error.