Letters to the Editor

A ‘cheetah’ in the White House

Okay people, cats out of the bag. Actually the cats been out of the bag, but now it’s out and wants us all to know it’s out and ready, tail all puffed up, back arched, claws extended, hissing and screeching. Yes, the cat I’m talking about is your prez. I guess if he was a cat, he would be a “cheetah” ...cheats on everything (allegedly) wife, girlfriend, lawyers, tax forms, bank loans, employees and most importantly, the United States of America AND our democracy.

These last two years have wreaked havoc on our country, its citizens and my blood pressure. There’s no way that anyone can say they are not aware that he is a bigot, I call b.s.

So yes, it’s as obvious as the fact that he is a crook, a con and a liar.

I have heard a couple of my friends who support him, comment on how the economy is going; I was floored. I brought up everything else, but that did not matter to my friends. All they cared about was the economy, of which we don’t know the repercussions yet.

I am at a loss to understand why we have not evolved, collectively, further than this. After all we have experienced in our history as a nation, after everything we know inside of us, of what is right and what isn’t, and you know you know! This cat ain’t cool and we are ALL his prey.

How can we hand someone the reins who beats the horses?

— Kim Poore


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