Letters to the Editor

Disregard for safety intolerable

The recent information from the IDEM report regarding the city of Charlestown utilities contains some very disturbing revelations. The report sites over 60 fire hydrants non-operable. The city contains 290-plus hydrants. Also, in the report are numerous citations and fines regarding the operation of the sewer department. The city was notified of the inoperable hydrants in 2013. The elected officials responsible for our health and safety did nothing. Simply put, this is a breach of public trust and the complicit officials should apologize and resign.

In the recent news story aired by WDRB, it was offered that the city did not address these concerns because the sale of the water system was pending. Really? The sale of the water system is a recent development less than two years old. This is clearly a dereliction of duty and those involved should be ashamed by placing so many residents at risk. Will we now see the sale of the sewer department as well? If we do not maintain our utilities for proper performance then why have a city at all? Let’s just vote to return to the county and save everyone the tax dollars the city administration is now wasting on the wrong priorities.

Do the right thing, RESIGN!

— Irvin Meurer


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