Letter to the Editor

Reader wants the rest of the story

Paul Harvey’s segment, The Rest of the Story, was aired on ABC Radio Networks. The whole story was told in his news release, but the incident in Indianapolis concerning our judges has not been disclosed to Clark County residents. I have questions and as a citizen of this county I feel these should be addressed. Why were the judges out till the early morning hours when they were to attend a judicial educational conference, probably being paid by tax payers money? Why were all charges dropped concerning the individuals involved? Is there a judicial board to hear, evaluate, and direct a decision on the behavioral ethics of the judges involved in this situation?

Of course, I am sympathetic with their health concerns and do hope they recover fully. It was a shocking incident. I was always taught there is nothing good that happens after midnight. I wish they would have had the maturity and discipline to heed that directive. The judges sit on the Courts in Clark County judging people daily when giving their verdicts. Isn’t it our right as citizens to hear The Rest of the Story?

— Marcia Schiller, Jeffersonville