Letter to the Editor

Newspaper should not have published letter to the editor

I spent K-12 in Jeffersonville 1965-1978. I delivered the Evening News in Parkwood Subdivision. Today, I read one of the more disturbing letters to the editor...ever. Leroy Heil submits a bombastic opinion of America’s and mankind’s future.

The letter was talking about Trump...


Christians [watch] the numbers; 7 flags; Seven in Scripture; Deity; Trump will walk on water; End of Days.

My question is why would you print that?

My thoughts:

1. You hate President Trump with all your heart.

2. The community is better served by printing this opinion.

3. We (the TrumpVoters) deserve it.

Let’s talk about the community you serve.

Nov. 2016 Donald Trump won in Jeffersonville, Clarksville, and New Albany. He also won Clark County and Floyd County. He also won Indiana. He also won the United States of America. So that brings me back to the question. Are you REALLY serving the community?

In closing, I’m taking a risk that this submission will never see the light of day. It calls the News and Tribune out onto the carpet for who they really serve.

Do they serve the #HatefulLeft political side?

...or do they serve the #RealityWithFacts political side?

I mean seriously, if Trump is the End of Days somebody needs to tell the Stock Market. You could break the story...

— David J. Kraft


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