Letter to the Editor

Freedoms vanquished by love of the almighty dollar

Memorial Day 2019, land of the not so free, and home of the not so brave.

Click it or ticket; law enforcement with massive crimes on their plate turn to harassing motorists on a stupid seatbelt law that’s all about money.

To prove my point, I once got a ticket on my street in my neighborhood by State Police. I wadded the ticket and threw it on the floor of my vehicle, and refused to buckle up. The officer radioed for instructions that must have been in the negative, because I was allowed to drive off unbuckled. I fought the $25 ticket in court with a lawyer. Need I say the lawyer cost more than the ticket, but I won not to pay the ticket.

The point is that the power and love of the dollar won. Not guilt or innocence, safe or unsafe driving.

Another freedom to choose vanquished like so many others for the past 65 years; politics drove law enforcement away from their duty of chasing and capturing criminals.

Another Memorial Day ripoff motorists endure is the yo-yo prices at the pump. One would think gas prices were tied to the stock market, when in reality it’s politics as usual.

Alternative fuels, fossil and ethanol — one would think prices would stabilize. But, the power of lining one’s pockets is stronger and motorists are forced to comply or take shank’s pony. Every time I fill up I wonder how much gas is left in that 3/4 hose that I paid for.

Everyone knows a garden hose when turned off has water remaining in that hose. Motorists must trust the calibrators of these pumps. If the contents of the hoses are not ciphered correctly, otherwise I get the hose gas from the guy before me and the guy after me gets the gas I paid for.

Human beings these days are not to be trusted, especially when it’s about money.

So this Memorial Day, think back to the good ol’ days, not freedoms taken, but freedoms surrendered by us and the not so brave mental weaklings in us to have allowed this to happen at all.

Land of the free and home of the brave. In your dreams, sleep well this Memorial Day, knowing that the watchers are watching and it’s your money that’s flittered away. 

— Leroy Heil