Letter to the Editor

Pluck grape-growing plan before it ripens

The purpose of this letter is to oppose the variance request for wine production at 1800 Old Vincennes Road in New Albany.

The owner of the River City Winery is requesting a variance to produce wine and viticology (grape growing and harvest) on this property between the residential areas of Woodmount Drive/Woodland Hills, Westwood Lane/Crestview/Silver Hills, Carriage Lane/Carriage Estates, Old Vincennes Road and Falcon Ridge. Each area is next to, below and in the vicinity of the proposed plan. (1800 Old Vincennes Road.)

This is a unique area of New Albany, which includes natural ponds, woods and wildlife in peaceful surroundings. These are neighborhoods where people walk, bike, children play and people enjoy their decks and porches.

This is detrimental to the well-being to these established neighborhoods. Wine production is a noisy process and is not buffered, as the owner contends. There are the additional issued of byproduct removal, which could lead to odor issues. Additionally, there would be increased traffic, including trucks and etc., to and from the property on the already over-traveled, deteriorating, dangerous and expensive-to-maintain Old Vincennes Road (burden to taxpayers).

If grapes are grown and maintained, there is the issues of run-off and chemical pesticides/fungicide being sprayed from an elevation inside city limits near the above mentioned and natural habitat.

Please attend the public hearing, 7 p.m. May 8 at the Floyd County City County Building, Room 329.

— Susan Nguyen, New Albany