Letters to the Editor

Racetrack horse deaths inexcusable

Been hearing a lot about the deaths of many race horses that died nationwide of injuries while training and racing at Santa Anita, Churchill Downs and other tracks. In my opinion, these deaths have not just started in the past months, but my best guess, have been going on for years probably in larger numbers.

The right or wrong people took note of what was going on and exposed these owners, trainers and track officials. It’s pure greed and big money. It’s much easier to euthanize these horses and collect on insurance and be sent to Canada, Mexico, China and other nations where they just love horse meat. Keep up the good work P.E.T.A. and other protesters and shut these tracks down if they can’t clean up their inhumane treatment of these beautiful animals.

— Garland G. Oakes III, Jeffersonville

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