Typing the words “THANK YOU” in all caps still doesn’t adequately convey how deeply I appreciate the service and commitment to this community that the Honorable Judge Susan Orth has modeled for decades. She models her genuine compassion for others, in her courtroom and in the community. Her integrity is second-to-none and she has successfully navigated through a profession that, when she began, was male dominant.

She has worked endlessly to learn and administer justice fairly to all who have entered her courtroom. I have had the privilege of serving as a Probation Officer in her court for three years. In those three years, I have witnessed her integrity, wisdom, compassion, and consistent delivery of justice. Not once have I seen Democrat or Republican, nor have I seen impartiality of any nature.

Those who aren’t familiar with the criminal justice system may not truly understand the rarity of her professionalism. There will not be another person who I believe is capable of being a better judge than the Honorable Susan Orth. Thank you, Judge Orth, for taking your oath seriously and for being a legendary Floyd County life-saver, changer and protector. May God bless you and your family!

— Lee Ann Wiseheart

New Albany

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