Letters to the Editor

I wanted to get a response on why the News and Tribune considered the House vote to impeach President Trump breaking news on 12/18 but the acquittal not worthy of even a mention, let alone front page news?

I discontinued my subscription on 12/24 and laugh how your folks write articles to claim they are offended when people accuse you and your staff of political bias.

And while I'm on the subject, seeing that John Krull is actually director of Journalism at Franklin College makes me cringe. The things he writes such as his piece yesterday (Such is life in today's world) stating the economy has stagnated and that the reason job numbers are so good is because many people must work 2-3 jobs just to get by (with zero evidence to back this up) is the typical garbage you allow to be printed. My daughter is a college student now and has NEVER worked for minimum wage. While a high school student she worked for Kroger and Panera and in college for Dick's Sporting Goods, the City of New Albany and now for a drugstore in Bloomington,..this time for $13 per hour. Not what I'd call bad for being in college. My first two jobs back in the 1980s were for minimum wage ($3.35/hr) but I was able to work my way up from there.

I often wonder if people working for struggling newspapers look into the mirror and use their investigative training to seek to uncover some of the reasons for their struggle by looking into the mirror.

If you simply report the news by organizing the facts and stop trying to shape the news, that would be a great start.

— Rich Walker

New Albany

EDITOR'S NOTE: Point well taken. We did run the acquittal on our website only. And while the impeachment was historic and the acquittal a foregone conclusion, both stories should have been published in print.

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