Letters to the Editor

‘Kidnapped by local police’

After decades of the failed "War on Drugs" policy, the drug market is still winning the War. Every year the police come out with their publicity stunt of capturing individuals in the community for possession of a plant as a way to communicate their effectiveness. “We got ’em.” No, you don’t. And you never will.

Side note to social justice warriors: You have a bone to pick with the policing operation. How are they allowed to practice sexists policies of capturing one-third women and two-thirds men? Where are the equal rights of women to be captured as much as men!?

“I’m just following orders.” The argument of police officers. The argument of the SS in the Nuremberg trials. Both groups violated civil liberties.

We have government expressing glee toward exercising aggressive force against non-aggressive individuals by means of policing, funded through theft of the local citizenry. The headline for the News-Tribune should’ve been “More than 50 individuals kidnapped by local police.” This operation is the marriage of the “conservatives” and “progressives.”

“Conservatives” love criticizing the State on social welfare issues, but always the first to condemn any budget deterioration against the police or military. The “progressives” have to stay silent on civil liberties dismantled by police. Gun confiscation and no-choice social policy won’t be able to be enacted without the police.

The 50 kidnapped individuals will now be placed in a cage, funded through theft of the local citizenry, where they will still likely be able to possess drugs. The police can’t stop possession inside the jail. They sure can’t stop possession outside the jail.

To military apologists: Why does the CIA and U.S. military protect opiate fields in Afghanistan and Vietnam? Bad for local individuals to possess opiates but U.S. Military and CIA can possess opiates?

Police continue to maintain their ignorance on human action, economics, and how black markets operate. Unfortunately, the citizenry is just as ignorant. The one War the State has won, and will to continue to win, is the Propaganda War.

Individual freedom has, and always will, provide the best outcomes for humanity.

The poison is the police state: the mafia group raiding homes, the mafia group kidnapping non-aggressive individuals, the mafia group deciding how a non-aggressive individual is allowed to live.



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