Letters to the Editor

Make wearing of masks mandatory in schools

I would like to give kudos to Carrie Klaus and her comments about Greater Clark’s plan for the upcoming school year. I am a retired Greater Clark teacher. I am also a senior citizen. I have grandchildren in this school system. So, I have definite concerns about the lack of the mandatory wearing of masks. With no vaccine or any way to prevent this dread disease, our only recourse is to try to stop the spread. We have been told that social distancing, washing our hands a lot, and wearing masks are the only ways to do this. It is a mindset that we have to have ourselves and model for our kids. It has to become second nature like wearing our seatbelts. My grandkids automatically put their seatbelts on without being told. If we expect our kids to wear masks and do it ourselves, it will become a habit. This practice will keep people safe and save lives.

I am afraid to walk into a building without my mask. I know I am more vulnerable, but there are many adults in our schools. Kids could possibly be exposed and take it home and vice versa.

I know that Greater Clark’s administrators have worked hard and spent many hours on developing a plan to keep students and staff safe. They must be strong enough to mandate masks for everyone in their schools. We have to wear them when going to the dentist, eye doctor, or getting our hair cut. Wearing masks at school shouldn’t be a choice either. Wearing a mask when around many others should be totally required. We need to set an example for our kids and do the right thing until this problem pandemic is a thing of the past.

Teresa Popp, Jeffersonville

What did New Albany speeding data show?

Thanks for the article about speeding in New Albany. A little over a year ago I wrote a cheer about the use of radar speed signs. Shortly before that, it had been stated by New Albany that the data on speed would be analyzed, presumably to determine what actions might be taken in areas that displayed excessive speeds.

I have not seen any publication of the results. It would seem to me that this would provide information about where it might be appropriate to add additional enforcement or other measures such as the suggested addition of signal lights at some locations.

David Isaacs, New Albany

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