Volunteering makes a difference

Habitat for Humanity. American Heart Association. No Kill Louisville. March of Dimes. Alzheimer’s Association. Dare to Care. These are just a few organizations that need our help.

That’s where volunteerism comes into play. In a world where people are constantly on screens, it can be hard to stop and look at the big picture. However, volunteering not only gives you an excuse to be off social media platforms, but it helps make a difference in someone’s life.

Volunteering also promotes the community. Getting out of your comfort zone and meeting people outside your social circles helps promote happiness. It creates a sense of purpose that can last a lifetime.

Lastly, volunteering can help with self-esteem. Sometimes seeing what others are going through can offer perspective. It can make us realize other people might have it worse.

So, why now? Why not now? Currently, our world needs more kindness. Every day we see something on the news that makes us feel helpless or powerless. However, that’s not constructive. There’s so much we can do. We can devote our time and talents to a cause. We can create a better world by volunteering. Just one person can make a difference.

Lindsey Brown, Louisville

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