Letters to the Editor

Council should stick to governing, not guns

If Adam Roberts is finished with his chest thumping, I’d like to say a few words on behalf of some Floyd County residents.

First, you do NOT represent my beliefs about gun issues and the Second Amendment. As someone whose served her country and has been in my classroom during a gun shooter lockdown for 45 minutes, explaining to students why we’re huddled in a corner under the desks with the lights turned out, I will continue to follow the instructions of any city, county, state or federal law official.

Second, while you and the council may have the right to vote on such matters, I believe the county sheriff should make the call about any sanctuary issues as the county council members aren’t gun issue experts.

Third, I support Leslie Knable and hope she gets re-elected for being level-headed. As leaders in the community, I’m ashamed of those who voted to pick and choose what higher level laws they will support. Last, if this vote was for “only establishing support for already existing laws,”, doesn’t the council have anything better to work on?!

Elizabeth Hopkins, New Albany

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