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Jeffersonville city clerk backs Gill for position

Dear Citizens of Jeffersonville,

This letter is bittersweet, as on Dec. 31, 2019, I will no longer be serving you as the Jeffersonville City Clerk. As the First City Clerk of Jeffersonville, it has been an honor to serve you for the past eight years and for a total of 25 years as an Elected Official. I have always strived to assure that any office I have held that YOU have been treated with respect, and always willing to help with any issue or question that have arisen. As your City Clerk I have made sure there is transparency in the Clerk’s Office through public documents of meeting minutes, contracts, ordinances and resolutions are available in addition to video all Council meetings and posting on Facebook and YouTube for those who could not attend the meetings. In order for you to have the ability to see the City Council meetings and your elected officials make decisions that benefit you. This past year the Indiana 2019 Legislative Session passed legislation “Training for Clerk and Fiscal Officer” I.C. 36-3-5.5, which I spent many hours speaking with legislators to assure this legislation passed, as it is a very vital part of a successful Clerk’s Office.

Lisa Gill is running for the Office of the City Clerk. Like me, Lisa has served eight years on the City Council and has served District 5 and the rest of the City with respect, listening to concerns, attending meetings, one of the founding members of the Jeffersonville Neighborhood Leadership Alliance, working to establish Neighborhood Associations and Block Watches, attending Drainage and Sewer Board meetings just to name a few. Lisa is also active with Clark County CARES, 911 Board, Clark County Solid Waste along with One Southern Indiana Economic Development Council.

It is very important in this position of City Clerk that you have a person who knows the city budget, how ordinances and resolutions are developed, understanding the state statutes, State Board of Accounts and Department of Local Government Finance procedure. The ability to take accurate minutes, to research past ordinances, resolutions to answer your calls and to direct you in the right directions for good customer service. Lisa Gill is the person for this position, once elected you do not serve a political party you serve the citizens and Lisa will do just this.

I ENDORSE and Support Lisa Gill and she will make you a great Jeffersonville City Clerk.

Thank you all again for the honor to have served you for 25 years and especially the past eight.


Jeffersonville City Clerk

IAMC (Indiana Accredited Municipal Clerk)


Dr. Dan's kindness, leadership will be long-remembered

For countless patients and families, friends and community leaders, I want to say thanks and congratulations to Dr. Dan Eichenberger for his decades of service.

Like thousands of people, I, too, have to find a new personal physician. More difficult will be finding a new hero, as his name enters the pantheon of local physicians who cast a very long shadow.

Like Dan, I cut my teeth at "the hospital" as a teenager. There was only "the hospital" when I first walked its halls, at age 6, with my father, Everett. He was still several months shy of becoming Dr. Bickers. Dad was an extern there, mostly in obstetrics. I was unaware that the hospital was also just six years old then.

Ten years later, I became an orderly.

In 1978, Dan would have that job at age 15.

I provide this personal historical perspective to assert that I know a good deal about three great eras at Floyd Memorial.

In the first era, the founders — Drs. Garner, Paris, McCullough, and a few dozen colleagues — helped my dad grow from the newest young local doctor to a capable leader as the ’70s arrived. It was an extraordinary time. Medicare was still new-fangled. Radiology meant X-rays and ONLY X-rays. Heart surgery made world news headlines elsewhere... but Apollo landed before "open-heart" surgery was performed anywhere in Indiana.

In generation two, Dan was in college when my brother joined the medical staff. Congress passed a law, financing dialysis across America. Mammography entered widespread use. Childhood leukemia survival skyrocketed.

And then, 20 years ago, the Eichenberger era began. Few would have called it that at the time. I cannot review his years of leadership properly. We are not now, and have never been colleagues.

Shifting to more personal remarks. I thank him for the kindness and wisdom he brought, helping my mother-in-law navigate her final illness. I stand in awe of the role model he has been to the newest Doctor Bickers, my nephew, who starts practicing in the office that Dan opened decades earlier. Finally, I salute him for piloting a bewildering ship in the difficult waters of the past decade.

Being “the guy” in the saddle for 10 seconds is successful at the rodeo. We are all lucky for a more impressive ride than that, delivered by Doctor Dan. These will be very big boots to fill.


Floyds Knobs

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