Letters to the Editor

First off, I am a Trump supporter and am very proud to support a candidate that will fight back instead of getting rolled over.

This was not a typical presidential debate. Given their importance, two of the most important presidential policies debated in all previous presidential debates — foreign policy and national security — were not chosen as topics by moderator Chris Wallace. Nearly all the debate topics chosen by Chris Wallace were issues that the media have comprehensively engineered against President Trump over the last few years.

The debate was a real mess. President Trump was constantly interrupting and moderator Chris Wallace was an opponent for President Trump as much as Joe Biden was. President Trump had to fight them both.

The result was not a good look for President Trump.

Had President Trump set back and waited to respond instead of swinging at both opponents, he could have punched holes through Joe Biden’s lack of answers and lies. Joe Biden did not answer a single question or respond with a substantive or complete answer and many were not even true. Joe Biden answered with generalizations, political rope a dope or just plain lies. Hindsight is 20/20.

Trump tried many times to insert many of the topics relevant to his successes, but he was interrupted by Biden or cut off by Wallace as well. He was interrupted by Wallace 67 times alone while interrupting Biden only 16 times.

The only tough question Wallace asked Biden was about packing the courts. And he let Biden get away without answering it.

Chris Wallace did not treat the opponents equally; he constantly admonished President Trump for interrupting Joe Biden, while saying nothing to Joe Biden for repeatedly telling the President to “shut up” or “quit yapping” and calling him a clown, and outright calling him a racist and a liar. Joe Biden was not remotely respectful and President Trump, while being interruptive, was never disrespectful. The moderator did not serve the public well.

The result? Trump won for his supporters; Biden won for his supporters. Not sure how many undecided or uninformed viewers there actually were (probably not many), but for those Biden was smoother, therefore to them likely the winner.

The aftermath of the debate will likely ring on until the next one.

What is interesting is that while I based my thought of who the undecided viewers thought may have won the debate based on President Trump not being “presidential enough” may not be correct. The next morning the Telemundo poll said 66% of Spanish-speaking Americans say President Trump won the debate. Additionally, Bernadine Kennedy Kent, black state representative from Ohio, endorsed President Trump. Robert Johnson, the black founder of BET and entrepreneur, said the people lost in the debate but then was repeatedly asked who he would support after the debate. He refused to answer directly but then said, “I’ll support the devil I know versus the devil I don’t know,” stopping just short of endorsing Trump since Joe Biden has no economic plan.

John Krueger, Clarksville

Former client: ‘Moore should not be a judge’

Before the Republican primary I noticed a letter from the husband of a former client of Dan Moore. He reminded voters of Mr. Moore’s public reprimand from the Supreme Court for charging his wife an unreasonable fee in her prior divorce and demanding more as the case moved forward, despite having agreed to a flat fee. The writer noted the Supreme Court’s disciplinary action neglected to order Mr. Moore to issue a refund for the unethically gained excess charges. Likely the court assumed that any person of integrity would voluntarily refund those ill-gotten fees. Mr. Moore never did.

The letter caught my eye because of a similar experience. Mr. Moore agreed to represent me for a flat fee in seeking a continuation of child support for my son beyond the usual cut-off age. Indiana law permits this when a child has an incapacity delaying his ability to be fully self-supporting. I agreed to pay all I could on my Social Security disability income. I also agreed to gather supporting documentation and line up an expert witness. Mr. Moore knew I could not be squeezed for more money since I did not have it. Here is what he did instead.

He provided less service, so much less that his lack of diligence cost us the case. I provided reports from Greater Clark Schools covering years of testing and remediation. Instead of organizing and highlighting the most relevant findings in this material, Mr. Moore just dumped the 157 pages on the judge. He left it to Judge Granger to wade through years of test results and specialist terms without any expert witness to guide her or help evaluate the technical information. In quoting from the reports, he mixed up the terms “artistic” and “autistic,” which did not inspire confidence.

Mr. Moore was able to dump the schools’ reports on the judge because the opposing attorney craftily agreed to their admission without any supporting witness. I had recruited the Greater Clark Schools’ Autism Coordinator with a Master of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Services and a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from I.U. to testify for us. She agreed knowing my child and believing our cause was just. She was at court waiting to testify when Mr. Moore was granted a break and made a call to say he was running late. He then sent my expert home without presenting any testimony from her, saying she was not needed. Then, when I was called to testify, the opposing attorney demolished everything I said because I was just a mother and not a qualified expert. In her decision Judge Granger made clear the lack of expert testimony was fatal. But it was testimony that I lacked only because Mr. Moore was in a hurry to get somewhere else in pursuit of fatter fees.

Mr. Moore did aggressively attack my ex-husband when he took the stand. He forgot his job was to convince the judge our child had a legitimate incapacity, not that his father was a jerk. Mr. Moore did what comes naturally to him, not what the case required. I have more regard for my ex-husband than for my ex-lawyer.

I also learned too late that there were many Indiana higher court cases directly on point that would have supported my position if Mr. Moore had done his homework and cited them. There are two ways for a lawyer to cheat a client, charging too much, or charging all she has and doing too little. Mr. Moore has done both and should not be a judge.

Charlotte Davis, Jeffersonville

Carruthers-Brown a good fit for School Board

I want to share with Floyd County voters my recommendation of Ann Carruthers-Brown for School Board. I have known Ann for over 30 years, since our time together working at a Louisville law firm. Ann currently serves our community through her position as Director of Prevent Child Abuse Clark & Floyd Counties and her life’s work has been serving and supporting the abused, health-challenged, addicted and trauma-affected children and adults in our community.

Ann’s educational background in organizational leadership, psychology, diversity and inclusivity, too, greatly contributes to her qualifications for School Board membership. Most importantly, Ann lives and serves according to a steadfast moral and ethical compass, openly and respectfully listens to the input and concerns of others, encourages collaboration and cooperation toward reaching shared goals, and tackles every societal and individual issue with a proactive, forward-thinking and team-oriented mindset.

Ann has raised two children to happy, healthy and productive adulthood and does all things with an unwavering heart and attitude rooted in kindness, social and individual fairness and justice, and the highest level of ethics. Ann brings to all endeavors heart and brains, compassion and experience. Our students, parents, teachers, administrators and community would benefit from Ann’s service-oriented commitment to every sector of our community, regardless of socioeconomic, race, religion, ethnicity or circumstance.

Your vote for Ann Carruthers-Brown is a vote for bettering our schools and more conscientiously serving our children and community. Thank you for your time.

Bev Lozier , New Albany

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