Letters to the Editor

Joining PA election challenge misuse of funds

I am shocked and disappointed by Gov. Holcomb’s decision to not only support challenging the election results of another state but to use state funds to do it. This is, at best, an abuse of power.

Support of a lawsuit in Pennsylvania is an irresponsible use of state funds. This lawsuit directly supports President Donald Trump. Besides it being wildly inappropriate for an elected official to use government funds for personal political agendas, in this instance it is also futile. Currently, President-elect Joe Biden leads by nearly 50,000 votes in Pennsylvania. At most, according to Pennsylvania voting records, just over 50,000 votes are being questioned. Some sources estimate that the number of votes that would actually be eliminated if this lawsuit won is actually closer to 10,000.

Additionally, about 41 percent of Hoosiers voted to elect Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. Holcomb is meant to be the Governor for all Hoosiers, regardless of our political affiliation. He is using taxpayer funds that should be used to better our state to support a presidential candidate that 41 percent of the state voted against.

The state of Indiana sets a dangerous precedent by participating in and funding this lawsuit. Indiana must withdraw from the Supreme Court case Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar immediately.

Mary Pettit, New Albany

Economic lockdown more difficult for some

Persons who are rich and or have sufficient incomes can afford to be “snug as a bug in a rug” when it comes to espousing the economic lockdown in regards to COVID-19. Conversely, those who have lost jobs, have limited incomes, disabled, and thus experiencing depression, suicide, child/adult abuse, family disintegration such as divorces due to the economic lockdown, are not faring as well as the upper/middle classes. What is of particular concern is the lack of social skills and paucity of maturational skills that our children will experience due to being deprived of school attendance. Teacher/peer influences cannot be underestimated. Instead of graduating at age 18, many will be age 19 or beyond. I wonder what kind of effect that will have on their egos? Others may look upon them with scorn as having flunked a grade.

The aforementioned individuals will be compelled to live with the repercussion of these experiences sometimes for many years. Families who experience suicide grieve for many years and many times family dissolutions would never have occurred if loss of income, and its concomitant stresses, had not occurred. Namely, these experiences will linger long after the COVID-19 virus ceases to exist in 21st century America.

Are you the person who is “smug as a bug in a rug” or the other individual who is otherwise? If you are the former person, maybe you need to think twice before you promote economic lockdowns.

Sylvia Savage, Greenville

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