Letters to the Editor

Braun defying oath to uphold Constitution

Dear Senator Braun:

Seriously, a protest vote? As your constituent, I'm appalled by your lack of understanding of your first obligation as a United States Senator — which is to uphold the Constitution. In fact, you took an oath of office in which you swore to do just that.

Congress has no constitutional authority to protest the electoral results from the states. Your action is trying to undermine the seven million more voters (including mine) who voted for President Elect Biden over Trump. In the past, you've stated your support of Trump is because "he is not a typical politician." You are correct, he is a disgrace, the most corrupt, immoral president in history. Apparently, you are not a typical politician either.

In 15 days, we will have a new president and your "atypical politician" will be relegated to the ash-bin of history. I'm glad a new administration will have a chance to restore the soul of America. I'm also glad there are Republicans in this country who have a backbone (Sasse, Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Toomey) who do understand the Constitution and are doing the right thing.

On the issue of election fraud, to date:

• 60 lawsuits from the Trump administration have been dismissed.

• 2 appeals to the Supreme Court have been rejected.

• 10 former secretaries of defense (of both parties) said the election is over.

• William Barr, then-Attorney General of the United States (and Trump appointee), said there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud impacting the presidential election result.

If there is any fraud, your "atypical politician" committed it with his phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State. Politics aside, how in good conscience can you support this blatant, impeachable abuse of power? To quote lawyer Joseph Welch, who challenged Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1954 (another Republican abusing the Constitution), Senator Braun, "Have you no sense of decency?"

Steve Morris, New Albany

Braun 'sucked into big conspiracy'

Well, I never thought an Indiana Senator would drop so low as to actually add his name to a lawsuit protesting Joe Biden’s Presidential win, but Mike Braun did, and has. Sen. Braun is aligning himself AND thus all Hoosiers with Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert’s lawsuit to overthrow the presidential 2020 election. Biden won by 7 MILLION votes but Mike Braun doesn’t think so. Maybe he should recount Georgia’s votes for a FOURTH time!

Trump has repeatedly said HE won the election, but then he’s also told over 25,000 lies in his tenure at the White House, so why would anyone believe anything he says? Mike has been sucked into this big conspiracy theory and won’t let go and in doing so disrespects all Hoosiers to the nation.

Can you imagine our wonderful past Sen. Richard Lugar EVER pulling a stunt like this? Or, Rep. Lee Hamilton? They had class and integrity and respected the vows they took as Hoosiers' federal legislative representatives. Mike Braun will go down in history as a poor loser and will look foolish on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021.

Jamey Aebersold, New Albany

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