Letters to the Editor

Corporations should clean up their messes

I have read with dismay the problems with recycling the massive amounts of waste that corporations have created, particularly plastics. The mess that has been created is compounded by China in their discontinuation of accepting our trash to process it.

There is a simple solution, and it is something that most of us are taught at a young age: clean up after yourself.

Instead of allowing multi-billion dollar companies to create trillions of tons of waste and leave the rest of us on the hook for the bill to clean it up, hold them responsible to clean up after themselves. In particular, all of the one-use plastics and packaging that go straight from a store to the garbage can.

It’s simple, and it’s been done by other forward-thinking states for decades. Start with a “bottle bill.” If Coca Cola and others want to produce trillions of bottles and cans per year that are now being thrown into the trash or on the streets, make them have a plan on what to do with THEIR trash. It is not the people’s problem! I didn’t make the problem, or make money by creating the problem, so why should I have to pay more in trash fees to clean it up? Why do I have to pay more in taxes to expand the landfill and to have someone pick up the trash by our roadways, parks, and waterways?

If you drive along the roads in states with bottle bills, like Michigan, it is remarkable that there is very little trash thrown out along the roadways, and that is a minor benefit considering the total cost of cleaning up after our multi-billion dollar corporate “friends.” So put a 10 cent deposit on all cans and bottles, and that incentive will put a dent in a major problem. It used to be done in Indiana, and it is currently the law in 10 other states. It is predicted that a bottle bill will raise the recycling rate from about 10 percent to 80 percent!

After you accomplish this, don’t stop there! Let’s have a “bottle bill” for Amazon. My garage is filling up with one-use packaging from my Amazon purchases, some is recyclable, some not. Amazon is making billions of dollars, and creating a mess for the rest of us. So, hold them accountable: clean up your own mess, Amazon! Amazon can afford it. Pass legislation that Amazon must provide free return postage for their packaging. I guarantee that if they were forced to, they would come up with more creative ideas for their packaging, and better boxes that could be used over and over. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Repeat this process until clean.

I am a school teacher, and my family lives on a school teacher’s salary. We are not extravagant, and we take responsibility for the messes that we create to try to make our community better. All we are asking is that billionaires and their corporations be held to the same standard as the working people.

Let’s start holding those who are responsible for the mess accountable. Clean up after yourself!

— Randall T. “Randy” Stumler

Floyds Knobs

Firefighters, police rescue family pet

How amazing and wonderful are our fire department and city police?

I will tell you how wonderful they are ... my daughter and son-in-law’s dog, Izzy, escaped from her fenced-in back yard to chase a groundhog and wound up 2 doors down under an industrial sized dumpster full of stuff, where they are renovating a home. Sweet, loving Izzy refused to leave her catch and we had no idea how she got under there or how we were going to get her out. Keep in mind it’s around 3:30 in the afternoon and around 86 degrees.

We called on our local firemen for help, they were there in minutes. They dug and got on their hands and knees trying to figure out how we could get Izzy. And then a policeman showed up also, with dog treats, but Izzy was more interested in her groundhog. These guys were awesome! My son-in-law even tried to pay them, but they wouldn’t take it.

Love my hometown. Love you Firemen and Police. Izzy is 11 years old and is a dog who loves to burrow. And we know you have a lot more to do than help save a dog, but you came, you helped, you saved our Izzy!!! She really is the best dog in the world! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Love you guys!!! Thank God for You All!!

— Kim Poore


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