Letters to the Editor

Families paying more after ‘tax reform’

What is going on with this new Trump tax law? I just found out I no longer qualify for the “child tax credit” because my 17 year old is no longer considered a “child” in the new law. He turned 17 this past June. My taxes increased by $1,500. Did he leave the house? No. Did he graduate high school and move out? No. Did my expenses for raising him increase as college approaches? Yes.

It appears that the Trump law includes a new tax on the family. I’m not the only one in this tax-ful boat.

Who, exactly, did the Trump “Tax Reform” benefit?

Randall Stumler, Floyds Knobs

Encourage power companies to drop coal, embrace tech

Recently, I read the article “Coal industry bill advances over objections of House Democrats” (Republicans also voted against it) in the News and Tribune.

The article described how Indiana House Bill 1414 would slow the closing of coal-fired power plants in Indiana was passed in the Indiana House. The bill would make it harder to move away from coal, which pollutes our air, causes health problems, and slows the transition to alternative energy. Many organizations concerned about higher costs, the health of Hoosiers and our environment were against this bill with only the coal industry standing up for it. Even though power plants that utilize the latest technology pollute less and cost less for consumers, the bill passed in the Indiana House and now heads to the Indiana Senate.

As a Hoosier parent and grandparent, I couldn’t understand why this happened. I understand there are working families in the coal industry who will retrain for other jobs as these plants close. The coal industry tied support for these workers to this bill in order to get it passed, but that legislation could have been done in a separate bill.

Technology is advancing and Indiana needs to advance along with it to reap the benefits of a cleaner state and fewer illnesses and deaths related to fossil fuels as well as reducing our carbon footprint. Switching to new energy technology will also benefit our state’s economy and create new jobs in alternative energy systems.

So what can we do now? First, contact your State Senator from your district. Next, vote for people who will cast votes for policies that are good for all Hoosiers. Finally, we can also join groups that are working to move our state and country away from fossil fuels. My wife and I belong to the Citizens Climate Lobby along with over 140 other local residents. This non-partisan group is working to pass The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act HR763 at the national level. Basically, HR 763 charges energy companies a fee for every ton of carbon they produce and returns the money to us, the taxpayers. This provides an incentive for the companies to move to less expensive and less polluting forms of energy production. If you are interested in more information about CCL you can go to Citizensclimatelobby.org or contact us at NewAlbany.IN@CitizensClimateLobby.Org

We need to act now.

Brian Brewer, New Albany

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