Letters to the Editor

Numbers surrounding Trump are Revelations

Christians watch the numbers surrounding President Trump. Seven American flags and seven North Korean flags. Seven minutes, a journalist announced pertaining to the preparation of talks between the two charismatic leaders.

Seven in Scripture can either be a blessing or curse, depending on circumstances.

With so many tributes ascribed to President Trump, the latest [is] a literal step inside North Korea.

All know the brutality of this dictatorial regime. With praises, many spoken from the DMZ, President Trump forgot to mention Otto Warmbeir, a young man who died horribly, and what of the North Korean Warmbeirs? God only knows their numbers.

What loftiness is left for President Trump? This latest event practically guarantees a 2020 re-election and Nobel peace prize.

The only topper for his followers to witness, himself walking on water. We shall see!

Christians watch and discern biblical numbers when they are revealed. Keeping abreast of current events. We are in the last days.

Is it peace and safety, like the Chamberlain Munich agreement? Or is deistical veneration and glory what Americans seek in the world of uneasiness?

— Leroy Heil


Protect the vintage fire trucks

As I drive down Spring Street passing the Fire Museum with colorful pavement, umbrellas, swings, tables, etc., I see three fire trucks sitting out in the elements that need attention, they need some kind of cover. It is sad to see these trucks just rust away. What a waste.

Do the vehicles a favor and try to protect them. Have a little compassion for this fire equipment that the museum has on display. The men that made fire runs, which probably most have passed away, would surely appreciate protection.

— Garland G. Oakes III


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