Letter to the Editor

Ordinance affects owners' land control

There is a proposed Stormwater Ordinance FCO 2019-14 that negatively affects rural Floyd County property owners’ control of their land.

This ordinance was on the Floyd County Commissioners’ Agenda to be passed July 2, 2019. After being challenged to read the Ordinance (50+ pages) before signing it, the Commissioners tabled the agenda item for one month “to allow the public to review it and make comments.” That puts it on the Commissioners’ Agenda for Aug. 2, 2019.

Commission President Billy Stewart said, “There will be no public hearing; the law does not require it.” Commissioner John Schellenberger said this ordinance is only a combination of previous multiple ordinances. On being asked to provide previous publicity of this ordinance, Stewart said the publicity will be what it gets in these meetings.

This attitude of being as secretive as the law allows is too prevalent throughout our county government.

Too many people simply pay their taxes, and the stormwater “user fee” is a tax, without questioning the justification for them — if there is any.

The following is more vital information that has not been properly publicized: The meetings of the Board of Floyd County Commissioners, Floyd County Council, Floyd County Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals are videotaped. These videos can be viewed by going to www.floydcounty.in.gov, click on Floyd County Indiana Government, and then click on Meeting Video at the top of the page. Then find the meeting name and date you want to see. But, in the Media column there must be an icon to click on, otherwise that meeting video has not been made available to view. If a meeting does not have an icon, a request can be made for the meeting video to be uploaded.

— George Mouser

Floyds Knobs

Emergency room nurse victim of violence

I have been kicked, punched, slapped, and blood spit in my face. I have been verbally assaulted, threatened to be sued, and have everything I own taken away. I have had patients threaten to come to my residence and followed to my car. I have had food and drinks thrown at my face. I am an emergency department nurse, and I am a victim of workplace violence.

When is the breaking point and when is enough for this type of action to demand changes? Are we going to allow for nurses to be assaulted, disabled, and killed just because “the patient is always right”? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 80 percent of serious injuries reported from healthcare workers were due to interactions with patients. Unfortunately, these numbers may be vastly underreported. Nurses are not reporting all incidences of assaults due to fear, unknown outcomes, lack of policies protecting them, and “it is part of the job” mentality.

From 2002 to 2013, the number of workplace violence incidences increased four times. Patients are inflicting a numerous amount of these assaults under the influence of illegal drugs and psychiatric patients. But not always. More and more patients are coming to the hospital and expecting to have the care provided precisely how they want it done.

Why should I allow patients and families to verbally and physically assault me? Why do people assume it is ethically and morally acceptable to come into someone’s workplace and spit in their face? No other profession would allow this inadmissible behavior. Today, we have transitioned to an era where violence has become normalized, and we accept it as what is happening in the world. But, something must be done to protect those who are being physically and verbally assaulted in their workplace. It should not be socially acceptable to allow these outrageous behaviors to continue without consequences.

As a society, we must return to the day when you received justice for the crimes committed and not a slap on the wrist. I believe we need more strict and harsher punishment for those committing these crimes and for it to be a lesson for all others who feel this behavior is acceptable. I beg that people think twice when coming to the emergency department. Please know I also have loved ones that I want to go home to, and all of this violence can take a devastating toll.

— Kelsey Larkin


Raise tobacco tax

I applaud Indiana’s health commissioner for making it easier for tobacco users to access smoking cessation products without a prescription. Tobacco use kills 11,000 people every year in our state, so I believe we must do everything we can to discourage smoking.

However, the single best prescription for reducing smoking rates in Indiana is a significant increase in the state cigarette tax, but that is a prescription that only lawmakers and Governor Holcomb can write. So far, they have failed to treat the problem despite Indiana having one of the highest smoking rates in the country and one of the lowest tax rates in the region. Until our elected officials raise the cigarette tax, I am afraid tobacco use will remain the biggest threat to our state’s health.

— Mary Kost

ACS CAN Volunteer

New Albany

Book of Revelation a ‘fictitious nightmare’

This letter deals with Mr. Leroy Heil's fictitious rapture.

The main source of the rapture is the book of Revelation [95-100 CE] (I will not be covering the book of Daniel). This type of book comes from books advocating Apocalypticism, which is the Christian belief that the present age is controlled by evil forces and these forces will soon be destroyed at the end of time by God to bring His kingdom. The "soon" part is supported by such verses as Mat 10:7, Heb 10:37, Jam 5:8 and I Pet 4:7. The author John (not the writer of the Gospel of John) claims he is dictating the words of Christ for this letter to seven churches for them to keep their faith by describing the end where evil will be destroyed.

For how, see chapters 4-22. These are some of the significant sufferings by Christ on us; war, famine, natural disasters, beast who torture and maim, unspeakable suffering, loathsome diseases; in short, widespread misery and death! In chapter 6, even though the entire solar system is destroyed, the torturing continues. Revelation is a revenge fantasy.

The placement of Revelation in the Bible has a debatable past. St Augustine (354-430) stated it was an allegory between good and evil and to think otherwise would be "ridiculous fancies." It was not until the 10th century that Revelation began to appear routinely in Greek manuscripts through Christendom. Martin Luther (1483-1546) stated the book is neither apostolic nor prophetic. Late in the nineteenth century, the rapture was revived by Christian Fundamentalist (Christians who believe the Bible is inerrant.).

So, what do the common allegories of Revelation stand for? This book is not a predictor of the end of time; it is a revenge on the persecutors of the time, Rome. For Rev 17:9,18, the seven mountains and the great city that ruled the world is Rome; Rome sits between seven mountains. For Rev 17:1-5, the sinful woman is called Babylon, a code name for Rome, and Babylon is the city that destroyed Judah in 587 BCE and later, was destroyed. The 666 comes from an ancient art of interpretation called gematria, where numbers can stand for letters. 666 stands for Caesar Nero, a Roman emperor who persecuted Christians. Some manuscripts have 616 because Nero can be spelled a different way.

Rev 19:11-15 has this to say about Jesus: "makes war," "robe dipped in blood," "armies of Heaven" (all, including Jesus, riding white horses), "from his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike the nations down" and "fury of the wrath of God."

What I find sad is the millions, perhaps billions of dollars wasted on this horrible fictitious nightmare to scare people into "salvation." Maybe we could use this money for child abuse, poverty, finding cures for diseases ... just a thought.


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3. "The History of the End of the World," Jonathan Kirsch.

— Larry E. Farr