Letters to the Editor

Decency still valued here

I am writing this to remind everyone how lucky we are to live in this area. On April 13, 2019, at the conclusion of the Thunder Over Louisville Fireworks Show, one of the spectators suffered a cardiac event that was addressed by Emergency Responders from Sellersburg Fire Department, Clarksville Fire Department, Clarksville Police Department and Yellow Ambulance. During resuscitation efforts, one of the Firefighters removed the shirt from his back to dry the individual off, due to rainy conditions, so the AED could be used. After the patient was transported to an appropriate care facility, the crews went their own way.

While this is an ordinary story played out numerous times nationwide, what happened next is why I am glad to live and serve in this area. After the units returned home, Firefighter Tanner Hutt realized that he had left his class B uniform shirt at the scene. A replacement shirt was ordered for Firefighter Hutt, as a shirt is a small price to pay for helping someone in need. Unbeknownst to Firefighter Hutt, a gentleman who lives in the area found his missing shirt and recognized the last name as one of the people that live in the area. The person whose name was recognized turned out to be Firefighter Hutt’s grandfather, who returned the shirt to him. While this is not earth-shattering, it is another fine example of why it is great to live in the area. After an event the size of Thunder Over Louisville, people in a large number of areas would never have cared about finding the owner of the missing apparel, yet it does not appear that this gentleman missed a beat in his generous act.

I, for one, am thankful that in spite of the current state of affairs with people being extremely self-centered and ego-driven, people in this region take the time to look after one another and not merely seek their own agenda. Thank you, sir, for reminding me that the spirit of this community still lives on. I, for one, greatly appreciate the reminder that while sometimes decency gets lost in the headlines, your actions are a reminder that decency is still a valuable commodity in our area.

While I do not know the name of the gentleman that found the shirt, his actions serve to remind me that this is indeed a great place to live, work and help each other. Thank you, Sir, for an act that you probably never gave a second thought to performing. That was a welcome reminder of the kindness and generosity of the majority of the people in this area.

— Boyce Adams

Sellersburg Fire Department, Fire Chief

An Opinions Page worth your time

The Opinions Page in the News and Tribune on Monday, April 29, 2019 would be a positive credit for any newspaper, anywhere.

Kate Miller’s letter sets a high standard for anyone, regardless of party loyalty. The opinion of the South Bend Tribune points out the current and re-current war on public education and voter rights. Susan Duncan’s essay has the problem of unintended offense “down Pat.” How many people remember that “down Pat” goes back to Ireland’s potato famine and the migration of Irish to the U.S.?  Who remembers the Pat and Mike jokes? Those jokes were not flattering.

Lindon Dodd effectively uses humor to lead up to a very serious issue, our recently adopted National Motto. This is the most divisive motto that could be devised. Our previous unofficial motto literally means unity, which requires tolerance.

To those who failed to see this Opinion Page, look it up, it’s well worth the effort.


— George Mouser

Floyds Knobs

Vote for Paris for Jeff Council

One of the greatest privileges of being an American is the right to vote. Next week, on May 7, I plan to exercise my right by voting for Joe Paris to serve on the Jeffersonville City Council for District 3.

I’ve known and worked with Joe for several years and I believe he will bring positive new leadership to our community. Joe is intelligent, caring, and committed. He is open-minded and willing to listen to new ideas, and will give them thoughtful consideration before making a decision. His commitment to the future of Jeffersonville will help our community continue to move into a positive future.

Please join me in support of Joe Paris. 

— Walter Coppinger


Vissing should forfeit council seat if not a Dem

After reading Kevin Vissing’s letter from 4/27, Kate Miller’s letter from 4/29, and Terry Cummins column on 4/29, I just had to comment. I love Terry’s quote, “Can we make America Sane again?” I think that is it in a nutshell.

Yes, I am a proud Clark County Democrat. Yes, I am very disappointed to hear Kevin is leaving the party. But most importantly, I am disappointed that Kevin is staying in a County Council at-large seat that Democrats voted to put him in and now he is sitting in it as a Republican. Is that sane?

Oh yes, I want to see Democrats and Republicans working together for the best of the county. However, after working very hard to win a seat on the council and know that I lost, not because I wasn’t a qualified candidate, but because I was the wrong party. I find it very hard to swallow that a council person switches parties, yet stays for the remainder of his term being elected as a member of the other party. 

In saying I am a Democrat, I am saying that I believe in a living wage, value voting rights, feel we all deserve affordable health care, believe in equal wages regardless of gender, and, yes, I do believe in the second amendment, but back sensible gun laws. I do not buy into the national party on all levels, but Mom always said, “We are Democrats because we don’t have enough money to be Republicans.” I live by that and think anyone elected by a party should resign if he decides to leave that party. As Terry said, “Make America Sane Again.” Do what is right for all the sane reasons.

— Heidi Sellers


Silence speaks volumes

In light of the upcoming elections in 2020, I need to know Senators Young and Braun and my Rep. Hollingsworth’s position on an important issue.

[Recently] at a rally, Trump said that when a baby is born, the mother and doctor wrap the baby up in a blanket, then confer to determine whether or not to execute the baby. I need to know whether my elected officials really believe that is happening in this country.

If not, why are they silent in the face of the President of the United States spreading such a malicious lie?

How do they think this makes America great?

I believe their public response to this issue is necessary.

I am having significant issues and concerns that all my representation in Washington is not standing up for me and presenting some resistance to the daily ridiculous activities and statements out of the White House.

I thought it was their job to help maintain balance and order within our government.

Am I wrong about that, or are they just not up to the task?

— Brenda Thompson


Highlighting vaping risks

Clark County CASA – the VOICE of Clark County’s children — is hosting a multi-county training featuring the Clark and Floyd County Tobacco Prevention & Cessation coordinators. They will be presenting on the increased use of JUULing, vaping and e-cigarettes in youth, and the health risks and dangers associated with their use. The event is scheduled for Monday, May 13, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., at the CASI Building, 1613 E. 8th St., Jeffersonville. Cessation resources and parent/provider resources will also be available for attendees of this event.

Attendees from both Clark and Floyd are encouraged to attend this free event, which is open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, please call 812-285-0731.

— Tina Hamilton

Floyd County Tobacco Prevention Coordinator

— Annie Reiss, Sabrina Langford

Clark County Tobacco Prevention Coordinators

— Lejla Cosic

Clark County Minority Tobacco Prevention Coordinator

Legislators ignore will of people

Again, Indiana did NOT pass legislation that would help protect teens from tobacco and nicotine addiction. In Senator Grooms’ recent poll, 72 percent of respondents said YES, please raise the age to buy tobacco to age 21. I think the entire state average was very close to 72 percent in favor of raising the age to buy.

So, why is it that our current legislators are NOT doing the will of the people? I suspect people involved in selling tobacco products have more influence than we citizens. Gas stations, convenience stores, JUUL stores, tobacco shops, E-cigarette stores and lounges, cigar stores, drug stores, grocery stores, etc. I suspect they have monetary clout. They pay legislators to do THEIR WILL instead of listening to OUR will.

Thus, the killing and addiction continues. Our legislators fail us in favor of TOBACCO SALES.

— Jamey Aebersold

New Albany

Shelby Place improvements appreciated

As I get older, I enjoy sitting on my front porch on warm evenings more and more. That’s been especially true the past 18 months as my street has experienced major upgrades.

At one time, Shelby Place seemed like a faded shell of its former glory. Scraggly bushes punctuated the mostly weed-ridden esplanade. Asphalt chunks weren’t uncommon along the curb. Lack of lighting made nighttime strolls less than inviting.

But somewhere along the way, someone saw the potential my wife and I have long recognized. And last spring, work began.

A brick and stone wall now welcomes visitors to Shelby Place and shares that our street is on the National Register of Historic Places. Landscaped bushes and period lighting provide purpose to our neighborhood. A fresh coat of blacktop adds the finishing touch to the much-needed – and greatly appreciated – renovation.  

Like any community, New Albany has areas with room for improvement. I’m just grateful someone decided to make room for Shelby Place.

— Jim Nichols

New Albany

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