Letter to the Editor

Steve Stemler Rudux

I am saddened by Mr. Stemler, leaving the political arena. Mr. Stemler got things done without being confrontational. He would always listen to the thoughts and ideas of others. He was so courteous and considerate, he would always get back to a person or group, even if it was just to tell them he needed more time. Someone, who without being invited, attended a Tea Party meeting, both to understand their agenda and also to learn and show the people he cared. Someone who upon being asked to attend a Clarksville Council meeting when a Town Manager was being discussed did so. His mere presence was noted and appreciated. Someone who in just 4 short days went through the labyrinth of rules, regulations and departments of the government to obtain Medicaid for a disabled child that the mother had spent months trying to obtain.

I believed the odds of seeing someone like him, serving us again, appeared to be slim. However, with that being said, during the past campaign period, I was introduced to Karen Henderson and was pleasantly surprised. What a blessing. Yes, I’ve only known her for a short period of time, but all the characteristics (read CHARACTER) she exhibits are spot-on, like Mr. Stemler’s. Time and space prevent me from listing all the similarities. Suffice to say, one can quickly see her approaching tasks with the energy and disposition found only in those that truly care.

— John Krueger


Double-roundabout double trouble

I wanted to chime in on the discussion regarding the double roundabouts. I know many people who go out of their way to avoid that area of Jeffersonville for fear of being involved in an accident. I see near misses all the time within those two roundabouts.

I have traveled all over the world and have driven in many different areas and have never seen roundabouts with multiple lanes and two connected together. A friend who just returned from Germany was riding with me a couple of months ago and when she saw the double roundabouts, her comment was that she had never seen anything like that anywhere and Europe is filled with roundabouts.

For most of us the real threat comes from other drivers who simply do not understand which lane they should occupy. Not really sure why traffic lights were even installed, since there appears to be no plans to have them functioning.

— Carol Dawson


Gas explosion explanation too vague

The explanation for the horrible home explosion in Jeffersonville seems inadequate and vague. While I am aware of Vectren's reputation for honesty and reliability, I believe our community should not hesitate to request further investigation from other, independent sources to help ease concern and fully present an understandable explanation of the explosion. Rest in peace, Billy Phillips, and all prayers and blessings to Janet Phillips and all victims of this tragedy.

— Mike Matthews