Letter to the Editor

Plastic bags for socks spur help for homeless

My name is Jeremy E. Anderson, a Jeffersonville resident. I was recently touched after seeing a homeless person using plastic bags for socks. After much consideration, I decided I needed to do something and I am asking the community for help. Last Saturday, May 11, I started collecting donations of food, clothes and hygiene items. If you would like to help, please contact me at 812-258-8053 or by e-mail at jeremyanderson986@gmail.com.

My goals are:

n To help the homeless every week;

n To make sure every homeless person has proper clothing;

n To talk with the homeless at least once a week;

n To provide the homeless with hygiene items and bottles of water;

n That the community will pull together and lend a helping hand; and

n To expand from Jeffersonville to the surrounding communities.

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— Jeremy E. Anderson


Academic success should be about victories, too

Chris Morris’ column on not fearing being best led me to fondly recall my own high school experiences. Long, long ago (1960s) and far, far away (Iowa) three students (Claudia, Gary and myself) engaged in fervent competition for the valedictory slot in our class. As we entered the final exam competition, we were neck and neck (separated by just one-tenth of one percent).

When results finally came in (the day before commencement), Gary was declared valedictorian and I was awarded the salutatory slot. The three of us declared the race well run and remain friends. Indeed, 56 percent of our class went on to college. Recent decisions of schools to no longer honor valedictorians or salutatorians puzzle me. If it is good to celebrate victories in sports, why not academics as well?

— Sandra French

New Albany

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