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Moore: Time to move court forward

Recent items in this column make it necessary to discuss the forward progress needed in Clark Court #1, distinct from the past. People have called about letters from retired judges, namely Dan Donahue and Steve Fleece, and how their comments speak to their characters. Court management needs to move beyond the past. Today, modern approaches are necessary because of pressing realities. During the Spring primary, 65 percent of voters on my side trusted me to move the court FORWARD.

I have differed with these men for years when they put judge spouses, relatives or special friends on the public payroll. It is wrong and self-serving.

There was much falsity in Donahue’s letter. He went so far to make untruthful and despicable remarks about chemotherapy. No such thing was ever stated by me. It’s sad he would use cancer as a political trick in any election season.

My mother-in-law, some women supporters and friends have suffered with breast cancer. My older brother died in July from cancer. Taking off for a treatment is something I will never criticize.

Donahue was once a fine trial lawyer. He hired me as Chief Trial Deputy when he served as Prosecutor. When Donahue quit as judge, the precinct Chairs decided to move beyond his control and appointed me as Successor for election. I began judicial work in 2009. Our relationship changed because Donahue was unhappy and no longer in control of the court. If Fleece and Donahue might do some community service to help those in need, they could be less unhappy.

A few years later, the State Board of Accounts issued a stunning audit report (Report #B40234) showing Fleece spent Alcohol and Drug service money of $368,899.00 for non-permitted expenditures. It reported $2,519,232.00 as additional fees collected without providing services. In response to the audit, Fleece quoted the Gospel of John and likened himself to the plight of Jesus Christ. That was disrespectful.

If Fleece and Donahue want to support a Judge barhopping at 3 a.m., that’s up to them. By condoning such things, the differences between my thoughts on judicial conduct, and theirs, could not be more clear.

We are in the midst of a nationwide pandemic and economic crisis. My focus about Court #1 must be work IN THE FUTURE. These are serious times. We cannot let the past dictate our future. We need serious people to build a better operation [in] Circuit #1. Join me in that effort.

Dan Moore, Candidate Clark Circuit #1

These candidates deserve your vote

My three picks for NAFC School Board:

School Board Member District 4 Incumbent Rebecca Gardenour because she is the only Board Member who ever even remotely disagrees with the School Administration and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion. And she seems to understand that Floyd County taxpayers can’t and shouldn’t continue to pay as much as 65 percent of their annual property tax bill for schools, as I do. Her opponent, Misty Ronau, is the person who led the NAFC school referendum that was defeated in last Fall’s General Election.

School Board Member District 3 candidate Rita Shourds, who has over 30 years experience in public education. She would understand that we need higher teacher salaries to attract the best teachers for our students. The newest modern school facility won’t translate to a good education nearly as much as more and better teachers. With a doctorate in Educational Leadership, she would be better able to help make our school board more fiscally responsible.

School Board Member At Large candidate Ann Carruthers, as an African-American, should be given the chance to bring diversity to our school board that is very much lacking. It is unfortunate that we have 30 percent of our student population who almost never has the opportunity to observe and interact with someone who is also a minority, and can show them what they themselves can accomplish.

Most importantly, you owe it to yourself and your community to learn all you can about our school board member choices. And PLEASE VOTE.

Carol Lamb, Floyds Knobs

Dems’ case against Trump backfires

It’s amazing that some people think [Joe] Biden is fit to run, even though his mind is gone. He has been a Democrat for 48 years, and has accomplished nothing ... so [Kamala Harris] can be president after two or three months, after he sadly wins.

Every lie the Democrats throw against Trump has backfired, and now Democrats want his tax returns, which aren’t even finished yet. And when the returns are released, no Democrat in existence would have a clue as to what the returns say or mean. And even after the returns have been done according to IRS rules and federal law, If anyone doesn’t like what anyone at all pays or doesn’t pay in Federal taxes, you can’t fault the taxpayers. You have to find fault with the tax collector IRS laws and change those by voting for people who will change it for the better.

And sadly, the Democrats don’t have anyone to vote for, for that either. It’s fun to watch the Democrats squirm and fall, trying to get Trump, just because he has not only saved America, but because he is showing America what scoundrels are in the Democrat party in droves, and who probably will go to prison for treason.

By the way, I voted early a couple of weeks ago at the county elections office, so my vote will count. Will yours ?

John Lallemand, Dade City, FL (formerly of New Albany)

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