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Beam a blessing to inmates

My name is David Adam Stapleton. I’m currently an inmate at the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville. I have been incarcerate here since 2018. When I came to this facility it was a very dark place and time. This made me feel like I had no hope left. They offered a couple of classes that didn’t really guarantee anything and especially if you weren’t into religion. Most of the inmates had the wrong intentions for these classes, including myself.

I got released from this facility and transported to prison and released again in 2020. I myself am a drug addict and was released with no help in mind. I found myself right back in the same situation that got me arrested in the first place. I’m facing a lot of time in here this time and once again felt lost and hopeless. One day I was laying in my bed when I heard an unfamiliar voice in the dorm. There was a lady handing out pamphlets, books, colored pencils and more worksheets. I was like “oh wow” another person coming in here giving us false hope, another person that really doesn’t care.

This was the lady that changed everything because I was so wrong. There are a lot of people in this jail, some are good and some are bad. This lady treated everyone like a human being. She wanted to help us no matter what our situation was. At that time I felt a glimpse of hope for the first time in a long time. I asked who this person was and I was told her name was Ms. Amanda Beam.

Throughout my time here I’ve seen her help so many with so much, including myself. She offers programs like Thinking for a Change, Anger Management and Co-Dependency classes. She has given my inmates so much hope and helps us try to look at life in a different angle. She has not only given us those things but some of our families, their loved ones back.

Ms. Amanda could be at home with her family most nights, but she stays here with us until almost midnight some nights. This woman truly cares for us and has the biggest helping heart. I know if I get another chance I will not only apply what I’ve learned, but also try to help others with what I’ve learned. I have personally witnessed inmates come from out of the darkness and glow with hope while climbing out of the dark with a new outlook on life.

I truly feel that Ms. Amanda deserves more recognition that what she gets. I want to go as far as asking the Mayor or whoever it is that has the power in the great state of Indiana, to name a day after Ms. Amanda Beam, “A True Blessing.” She is a Blessing in Disguise. I also want to give my personal thanks and appreciation to her. If I had a hat it would be off to you, Ms. Amanda. We all love you and thank you for all you do.

David Adam Stapleton, Clark County Jail

Medicare for All a misnomer

This is to inform that Medicare is under attack. Sen. Bernie Sanders has introduced MEDICARE FOR ALL to replace our present Medicare system. Bills are before Congress as follows: Senate bill S1129, which has 14 Democratic sponsors, and HR1384, which has 118 Democratic sponsors as of Feb. 6, 2021.

You need to know that if Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All legislation is passed, it will be the end of Medicare as we know it. There will be no secondary insurance and long-term care will be included. If they enact this bill, seniors may be left out, while illegal aliens, criminals, students, and everyone else is given priority.

Liberals are intent on forcing this dangerous, problematic legislation through. Medicare for All will be open to everyone. [Note, children and babies’ eligibility not found.] Medicare benefits will be given to everyone age 18 and up. I guess the money heretofore paid into current Medicare will be used to support Medicare For All, an unfairness to seniors and others who paid into Medicare through employment, while other enrollees paid nothing.

You can bet that seniors will likely be last on the list since it takes longer for doctors to treat seniors due to more examining time and giving explanation. Seniors and possibly others could be put on long waiting lists for surgeries, medical diagnostic tests, etc. Seniors could in all likelihood be abandoned like in Third World countries.

MEDICARE was a promise to seniors that they would be cared for in their retirement. Congressional liberals want to break that promise. Our conservative leaders are standing up to this threat to Medicare but they cannot do it all by themselves. Please let me emphasize that we do not have much time remaining. Liberals are looking to push this legislation through, expecting you to be uninformed and just accepting Medicare for All.

Medicare for All makes it sound like everyone is going to have full medical benefits. The truth is frightening. It could occur that hospitals, clinics, and health centers are flooded with hundreds of thousands of new patients, with gurneys and cots filling the hallways. You can probably count on some hospitals being closed, no longer able to break even financially, and a shortage of medical personnel. In the end, the Health Care System could fail all persons except the extremely wealthy, who will use private pay.

Sylvia Savage, Greenville

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