Letters to the Editor

Plagues have been here a long time

Plague take it! Plague take the luck! How often I heard my grandmother utter those words in irritation and disgust. She, Harriette Stum Carlis, was born in southern Kentucky and spent her long life (77 years) in Jefferson County, Kentucky and Clark County, Indiana. I never heard anyone else use the “plague curse.” Where she learned it, I can’t imagine.

My brother, sister, and I were reared by our grandparents until we were teenagers so the word “plague” was in our early vocabulary. We learned the meaning of the word from Bible stories before we heard about the bubonic and cholera epidemic of history. Plagues were real to our grandmother. She experienced the regional scourges of smallpox, scarlet and typhoid fevers, and the pandemic Spanish flu. She knew about quarantines, good shortages, false cures and false causes, and deaths. Her first child, she said, died of “the second summer infection” and several years later her 11-year old daughter did from typhoid fever.

Mystery and plagues seem to arrive together. Today we hear our political and scientific leaders say, “We don’t know” or “We have to wait and see” or “Further tests are needed.” In the early days, sicknesses were blamed on God, or Satan, the weather, the conspiracy of foreigners or minorities in their midst. Isn’t it a mystery how an animal or bat came out of a cave in Wu Chan China and within six months 3,063,814 were infected and 213.273 were dead all over the world? It’s a mystery to me why I must wash my hands with soap and water for 20 seconds because an infected, but healthy person breathed on me while standing four feet away.

Twenty-first century people have so much knowledge about everything in the universe. History recorded and anecdotal, accurate record keeping, tests, experiments, observation and high-tech research, have produced an abundance of information to us. Where there is no history and no time for research, our leaders depend on speculations, predictions and rumors for information. Expecting and demanding accuracy is futile. COVID is a different kind of virus creating a different kind of world. The United States and the world will get through this together, or separately. The United States will be different, the world will be different; the new normal will be different from the old normal. And I won’t be here.

Plague take it!

Plague take the luck!

Flora Clipper, Jeffersonville

Mail-in voting ripe with fraud potential

TWO articles, on mail-in voting have appeared in the News and Tribune in the last week. Why? I guess like Rahm Emanuel said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” The liberals have truly latched on to that mantra, haven’t they?

Gov. Holcomb successfully moved the Indiana primary to June 2, 2020. It appears that dangers to the general public will be far past by then. Holcomb properly planned, while the governor of Wisconsin did not. His attempt to move the primary at the last minute was clearly rejected. Governors are responsible for planning ahead. The two articles do not indicate when they would expect their mail-in voting to take place. Clearly, there is not time before the 2020 elections. We ARE lucky to have early voting options and voting centers in Floyd County. I have often gone in to vote early and been the only person there. That is good news in the Year of COVID-19, but sad in a normal situation year. Absentee balloting is available, too.

Mail-in voting is fraught with opportunities fraud and should never be allowed to be law. News is now being reported that some California voters received TWO primary ballots and completed them BOTH! Judicial Watch reported that there were 1.6 million more votes cast in Los Angeles County, CA in the 2016 election than there were adults of voting age. Something is wrong with the California mail-in voting system. Their ballot harvesting program is even more corrupt.

There is no “voter suppression” in the U.S. as one of the articles suggests. That is a just an emotional false flag repeated over and over by liberals. You have to show a photo ID to buy alcohol or cigarettes, apply for ANY type of housing or benefits. If you don’t have a photo ID in Indiana and cannot afford one, the State of Indiana will provide one free of charge. You just have to prove who you are. And, that is the rub for liberals. Never once do they suggest a National Voter ID law to protect the sanctity of the vote in America, available only to CITIZENS. They just look for ways to make it easy for non-citizens to have a say in our elections to undermine America from within.

When you see these articles in the News and Tribune, always research the writers. Look into their affiliations. Tells you a lot about them and their priorities. It’s also important to note that George Soros is funding much of the push for mail-in voting. George Soros knows that America will never fall from the outside, it will be from within. Just like Abraham Lincoln said. See you at the polls!

Elizabeth Madden, Georgetown

Support Dan Moore for judge

An important election is pending in a few weeks and I am urging voters to vote for my friend who is running for Judge of Circuit Court 1, Dan Moore. I have known Dan for several years ever since he taught classes at Ivy Tech as an adjunct professor with my husband.

I know Dan as a very caring, reliable, and involved citizen in the community. He has the heart of a servant in that he has volunteered in many ways with young people in the community such as being a basketball coach, Little League baseball coach, reading with elementary students, participating in the Annual Scout Mock Trial Program and Riding the Circuit Youth Education Program. Dan has been innovative in that he created the Night Court program and the Crisis Intervention Team with local hospitals and police departments.

Dan’s legal experience is very impressive in that he has served as a Judge, the Clark County Attorney and Chief Deputy Prosecutor as well as the Clarksville School attorney. Now, more than ever, a judge is needed that reflects the community’s local values as well as provides the stability for the duties of that office. That person is Dan Moore. Your vote is appreciated for Dan on June 2.

Rebecca Gardenour, New Albany

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