Bring back ‘The Pit’

There is no wisdom in public schools anymore. This has plagued college campuses for years, but not until recently has it infiltrated the public schools (elementary and Jr/Sr high). The lack of wisdom is vastly apparent in the administrators’ ranks. Sure, the administrators may have plenty of knowledge, but like their collegiate colleagues, they lack wisdom. They tend to convince themselves that their knowledge makes them wise, which is a lie. A perfect example of this is a decision made by the new Henryville Jr/Sr High principal.

Mr. Cowper was hired (from outside the local area) to replace interim principal Mrs. Nunn. One of his first orders of business was eliminating the small high school’s lone tradition, the “Senior Pit,” aka “The Pit.” The Pit is a physically unique locker area that has always been held by the senior class. Every Henryville student looked forward to their turn occupying it. It was their only tradition and a rite of passage.

I met with Mr. Cowper to hear his reasoning behind the decision and was informed the idea was orchestrated by Mrs. Nunn. Mr. Cowper agreed to its basis and implemented it. Per Mrs. Nunn, the primary reason was to “get better numbers,” because “it is all about the numbers.” Apparently, the 2018/2019 class had a number of suspensions due to misbehaving in The Pit. Their logic, if they eliminate The Pit for seniors, they would eliminate the suspensions. One big problem, the 2018/2019 class has moved on. They now are punishing every student for something they had no part of, as well as teaching victimhood. Mrs. Nunn commented several times that, “If eliminating The Pit kept one student from being suspended, it is totally worth it.” That cannot be any further from the truth and reality. What about the majority, the students who never are in trouble, why should they be punished? They put emphasis on the physical location and not the student’s action, making him/her out as a victim, which he/she is not.

The complete lack of wisdom in their decision is appalling. I have explained to Mr. Cowper, in detail, why his decision was unjust and that the tradition should be reinstated without hesitation, which he has refused to do at this time stating, he is “standing behind the logical thought process” behind his decision.

We need more wisdom and less logic in the schools.




Reasons to be an independent

As a former Republican I am disappointed and disgusted with the lack of patriotism by so many in today’s GOP, both citizens and in Congress. If a Democrat president or other high official:

A) was a serial adulterer, or

B) blatantly used his office and taxpayer money to enrich himself, or

C) spent half his day launching sophomoric attacks on social media, or

D) accepted assistance from our greatest enemy Russia (illegally-obtained or not), or

E) requested meddling in our elections from other foreign governments, or

F) obstructed every investigation into his conduct, or

G) befriended the world’s most brutal dictators, or

H) abandoned our military allies to be slaughtered by one of those dictators, or

I) lied and/or tweeted false or inflammatory information on a daily basis,

these same Republicans would scream the loudest and longest for impeachment and prosecution. Remember their “lock her up” chants for just the "crime" of missing emails? Remember the 4 year Benghazi "investigations"? Remember when Republicans spent decades despising anything to do with Russia or their brand of communism? Now it’s apparently acceptable to hold hands with the devil.

Fools and crooks are able to damage and divide our country only because they are supported and re-elected by people who value their own political party far above our country, and who hate anyone in the opposition party. This is why I’m an Independent. People who say they voted an inexperienced abrasive loudmouth into the highest office in the land to shake things up prove their rationale was a false excuse when they also vote for their party’s incumbents in every other office. When their preferred politicians are caught in scandals, they live in denial by claiming, “They all do it,” which, of course, is not true. Naturally, they do not allow such forgiveness when the other party is culpable. They cannot admit to themselves that their only criterion is party affiliation.

So, to those who welcome foreign involvement in our most fundamental democratic process and who support a president that cozies up to foreign dictators, Vladimir Putin thanks you.


Georgetown Township

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