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LifeSpring provides many services; community can help

It is my privilege to be the chair of the LifeSpring Foundation of Indiana. I am also a member of the Board of Directors of LifeSpring Health Services. The LifeSpring Foundation was organized in 2003 to assist the ongoing work of LifeSpring Health Systems and other community organizations in our area. In 2018, we merged with Southern Hills Counseling Center, a sister organization to the West toward Evansville. We now cover an area from Madison to Rockport and provide a variety of services to the population, including mental health, primary care with our Federally Qualified Health Centers, homeless prevention, substance use treatment and much more.

The demand for services has never been higher than today, especially since the pandemic has totally disrupted normal life for nearly everyone. The good news is there is help. LifeSpring is here for you and your friends and family. We are the affordable alternative to other mental health and primary care services.

We are available in many different ways. We have outpatient care in each of the 11 counties, we have inpatient care at Turning Point Center in Jeffersonville, and we see patients in all of the hospitals. We have primary care facilities, and we have school-based programs, and we are looking at how to serve our Southern Indiana neighbors in other ways. We have a forensic program that visits those individuals who find themselves in jail or discharged from criminal contact.

We need your assistance for the good of the community. You do not need to put yourself in harm’s way or work with dangerous people. There are jobs for everyone. We are not a high prices, silk stocking type organization; we do bill if our client has the ability to pay, but we give service to those in need.

Please consider the opportunity to serve people who are your neighbors and who are in distress. Contact Shelley Dewig, Fundraising and Development coordinator, at 812-206-1209 or at to learn how you can be of assistance.

John R. Vissing, chairman of the LifeSpring Foundation of Indiana

Taxpayer questions Begin trial motion, law firm hiring

The Thursday, April 8, 2021, edition of the News and Tribune had a front page heading of “Greater Clark County School asks civil trial be closed.” This is in regard to the trial of Michael Begin, who is accused of molesting 20 children in Clark County. These alleged molestations occurred at the Clark County YMCA and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. Now for my questions: What does GCCS want to hide from the general public? Is there something unknown that GCCS does not want released to the general public for fear of public embarrassment? If I am not mistaken, GCCS is a publicly supported corporation funded by the taxpayers of Clark County and therefore they have a right to clarity.

My next questions are: Why did the corporation go to Indianapolis and hire the high priced law firm of Frost, Brown, Todd, LLC? Why did they not hire locally? Check the Yellow Pages, GCCS. We have an abundance of lawyers right here in Clark County. Although I am a resident of Clarksville, I am in the GCC taxing district, therefore I do have a vested interest in this procedure.

Jim McCoskey, Clarksville


To Lowe’s in Clarksville for providing parking spaces for veterans.

Jim McCoskey, Clarksville

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