Letters to the Editor

Moore led the way for River Ridge

I write this to support Dan Moore being elected to Circuit Court No. 1. I have known Dan for more than 20 years and I want to tell folks about him.

I was a Commissioner during Dan’s County Attorney time. He had the idea to begin the process to transfer the INAAP ammunition plant (now called River Ridge) back to local control. He told us he had found the federal law that required the U.S. to get rid of unused federal land when a military mission does not exist.

Beginning in the late 1990s, the Commissioners authorized Dan to use what he found and to start talking with Federal and State officials about returning the INAAP land to Clark County. Dan did a great job arranging many meetings at the Pentagon, with Senators and the staffs in Washington D.C. and at the Army Command office in Virginia. Dan went with us to meet with the Assistant Secretary of the Army in D.C. for the final transfer discussion. He took the ball and ran with it.

I could go on and on and tell story after story about how that old rusty INAAP fence slowly came down from broken down manufacturing buildings and was replaced by local civilian planners to support the bigger idea of what we now know as River Ridge.

All the work that was done to transfer the old ammo plant to modern civilian control can’t be described by a few short paragraphs in this column. However, Dan Moore’s legal knowledge and commitment led us to complete that project. He got the job done and will continue working hard for Clark County as Judge.

I recommend my friends and our citizens to vote for Dan Moore as the next Clark Circuit Court No. 1 Judge. He has never let Clark County down.

Ralph Guthrie, (Retired Clark County Commissioner), Henryville

Four-way stop has slowed traffic near school

Thanks to the City of Jeffersonville and the Street Department for making the intersection at Court Avenue and Mechanic Street a 4-way stop. The traffic has slowed down significantly when going past the new elementary school on Court Avenue.

Dan Griffin, Jeffersonville

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