Letters to the Editor

Turner backs climate act

I am writing on behalf the Southern Indiana (New Albany) Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. We would like to say thank you to City Councilman Josh Turner of New Albany for formally endorsing the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. This move follows Josh Turner being very active within our group, where he has contributed greatly by adding to the conversation of achieving climate solutions, preforming outreach to the community and other elected officials, and volunteering his time to a variety of past events we have hosted.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is a piece of legislation crafted by Republican and Democratic Congress people. These Congress people formed the Citizens’ Climate Lobby to bring those on both sides of the aisle together to push for climate solutions at the grassroots and grasstops levels, including this bill they created. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act has so much appeal from all over the political spectrum because it utilizes the market to incentivize reducing carbon emissions rather than regulating the release of carbon. It entails a fee, rather than a tax, being placed on carbon emissions. Instead of money generated from this being added to the government budget, it is put in a pool to be given back out to taxpayers as a dividend in order to offset changes in prices to everyday needs (i.e., gasoline, electricity, etc.).

Climate change and creating solutions to it have become politicized issues, which has slowed down progress towards ensuring a more sustainable world to live in for ourselves and future generations. We need cross aisle solutions with bipartisan support if we are to see the appropriate action we need taken in time to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Josh Turner has helped us take steps closer to this reality time and time again. That is why we once again thank him for his endorsement of our bill, as well as his continued support of all that we do.

Grant Brown, CCL New Albany Sustainable Climate Environmental Outreach Intern

We are selling America

Who really believes the government is out of coin money? Do they really think people are that stupid? I think they are trying to force us into a cashless society. Maybe get as much as possible to melt down.

I went to the grocery Saturday and had to go through the register lane because they made the self-check lanes for cards only. I was told they could not give me my change in coins but I would get credit on my grocery card or donate the change to charity. I told them they could keep their groceries and I went down the road to another grocery store where I got my change back with no problem. Hope all do the same.

A handbook was written in 1981 by Dr. Mary Stewart Relfe titled, “When Your Money Fails.” I think the book is still available on the internet. Very interesting book, also tells of 666 already in use. It predicts government will do away with money and require people to have a chip implanted to do business, buy groceries, etc.

I watched a show last night on Channel 11.3 (Questl) called “America’s Book of Secrets” and it was saying the same thing, among other things.

The government reminds me of Nero and getting worse. I wonder why it is that out of six gas stations in the Sellersburg area, five are run by and probably owned by Middle Eastern men. Also have been told it is the same from here through Tennessee.

We have been selling America off for years to whoever offers a lot of money. Also like dealing with COVID-19, we had to deal with getting what we needed from other countries.

Wake up America.

Anya Lovell, Sellersburg

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