Letters to the Editor

Proms fertile territory for spreading of COVID-19

As many of us saw over the weekend, parents of high school students in the Southern Indiana area organized prom events in which more than 160 students attended. As I scrolled through the pictures of these teenagers laughing and dancing, I couldn’t help but wonder, will this be the next superspreader event and in turn, cause an outbreak among our community? Scientists have identified that superspreader events are events that include large crowd sizes, close contact between people and confined spaces with poor ventilation. What would make these events worse? No mandated masking policy and no symptom identification model, like say taking the participants’ temperature before gaining entrance. All of these “symptoms” of a superspreader were on display for the NAHS parent-organized prom event this past Friday. As a country, have we not learned what these types of events could spell for communities like ours and those that surround ours?

COVID-19 is 2 to 3 times more contagious than the flu. It has killed over 137,000 Americans and 2,760 Hoosiers since March. By voluntarily organizing events such as those this past weekend, we are inviting this deadly virus to spread to not only the attendees and potentially their families, but anyone that they come in contact with. Maybe that person is my daughter. Or your daughter. Or your elderly parent. The consequences of our actions are not just ours during this pandemic, they reverberate throughout the entire community and they can be deadly.

So, tell me — which one of your family members are you willing to give up for prom?

Calle Janson, New Albany

Renter, disabled daughter being evicted from home

I want to start out by saying that I am disabled. I am legally blind. I have lived in my rental house for over 15 years. Four months ago my daughter died and was brought back. After she was released from the hospital she was no longer allowed to live alone. She moved in with me. I let the landlord know that. Her husband said [my daughter] couldn’t stay. I said she had nowhere else to go and I wasn’t putting my daughter out on the street. So with COVID going on [the landlord] has filed papers to evict me and in the line where it states the reason it says “her daughter moved in with her and we said no.”

What kind of people are these that they are going to evict me, who turns 70 in a few weeks, is disable and has lived there for over 15 years and my daughter who can’t live by herself? These are supposed to be Christians, but yet they are going to evict a handicapped person and her disabled daughter. It makes no sense and it isn’t right. Renters in Indiana have no rights and that isn’t fair. I am not being evicted because I wasn’t paying rent, it is because my DISABLED daughter moved in. I cannot get any help and it is so frustrating. There is something wrong in this world when you can just kick someone out all because their child moved in regardless of age. The last time I signed a lease was in 2005. It is awful that I have to uproot my life just shy of my 70th birthday and try to find a place to live. This should not be allowed and I need some help. Thank you for reading this.

Nancy Boone, Memphis

Guns keep America safe from threats

It’s amazing to see and hear the people cowering down to the “no gun” lobby. Apparently they drive around town blind, deaf, and dumb for not noticing the long lines every day of people buying guns everywhere they are sold. Every sane person knows that a gun has never in all the years our country has been in existence, jumped up off a table and shot someone. In every case of a shooting, whether it be for hunting, self-defense, robbery, or murder, there has been someone behind the gun squeezing the trigger.

When our founding fathers first came here from other places, they didn’t come with sticks and rocks for protection. They came armed with guns. And I’m really glad they did, for if they hadn’t, we would be talking an Indian language, instead of English here, and also without guns, we would be talking Japanese or German. And even now as the Iranians, Chinese, and other countries continually try to take us over, even some of our own people are trying to overthrow our government and install laws which would kill our country as a whole. Every day I thank God for the founding fathers and their wisdom to keep us safe and giving us the Second Amendment to help keep our freedom. So when you see the long lines at the gun stores, make sure you thank God for them too. Because of those people, we won’t be taken over and killed by radical leftists here, and because of our armed military, we won’t be taken over by another country who hates us.

John Lallemand, Dade City, Fla. (formerly of New Albany)

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